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Kids Clothing Subscription- Sweet Pea Box Review

I have recently come across a new subscription, Sweet Pea Box, and I could not be more excited about this new subscription. Sweet Pea Box was started in April by a husband and wife team, who also have gone through the trials of shopping for and with little ones.  Sweet Pea Box to the rescue. Sweet Pea Box has offered me the opportunity to try out a month of their amazing subscription to share with my readers, and I am very excited to share this great subscription box with you.

What is Sweet Pea Box?
Sweet Pea Box is a kids monthly subscription box that send you a box once a month full of clothing just for the little ones in your life. For each box you get, Sweet Pea Box will ask what size your children wear and what colors and styles they like. Finally, you can get as specific as you like by adding a message to the stylist for each box you get. Tell them your child’s personality, what brands you like, anything to help our stylist create the perfect box for your child. You can even split the box between your children, you just have you let you stylist know.  And then…
Just choose how many items you want and shipping is free.
§             4 item box $30.00
§             6 item box $40.00
§             8 item box $50.00

Sweet Pea Box covers sizes 0-3 months all the way to size 8. Billing is monthly on the day you first subscribe, and you can cancel anytime.

Sweet Pea Box- 6 piece box

When Sweet Pea Box contacted me they had me send them specific information about our little one; Gender, Size, what are our favorite Colors (Bright, Pastel, Dark, White, Earth Tone or Any), and Style (Athletic, Comfy, Princess, Playful, Preppy, Hipster or Any), So they could pick out the perfect clothing to fit our little ones style. We have a little girl, who is in 3T, we like Bright, Pastel and Dark, and the style we chose was Playful. I added in extra notes that she is very active and athletic, but we still like her clothing to be girly as well. And this was the wonderful clothing we sent from Sweet Pea Box.

2B Real Flower  Summer Dress

This is super cute, and will be perfect for a special gathering. The material also seems like it will be easy to clean.

Gymboree Stripe Shorts and Flip Flop Tank

This was my favorite outfit out of the Sweet Pea Box, and perfectly fits what we would pick our for our little one. I love the bright colors and the bows on the tank.

Violet and Moss Purple Hummingbird Dress

Love Violet and Moss clothing, and was excited to see this dress in this Sweet Pea Box. Violet and Moss is 100% organic cotton, and is super soft. A Violet and Moss dress similar to this is sold on Kate Quinn Organics for $58. This will be a perfect sweet dress for fall.

French Toast Ruffle Teal Tank and
Gymboree Flower Khaki Shorts

The French Toast Ruffle Teal Tank is Super cute and go perfect with the shorts. This is a great tank to wear before during the last hot days of summer, and will look perfect with a little sweater during colder months.

We were just looking for some khaki shorts, so we were happy to see some included in our Sweet Pea Box. Our little one does not wear khaki too often , but these with the flower accents are just really cute. Also they are elastic waste band, so it is even better for our active potty training days lately. Elastic just is so much easier to pull up and down, no fuss is great for us. 

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I could not be more excited about Sweet Pea Box. This is a perfect kids clothing subscription, and so convenient and easy for parents. Even though I do not mind going out to shop for our little one, I can always use a little extra help, since we have such busy schedules. What I also like about Sweet Pea Box is that all the pieces perfectly fit our little ones style. The Sweet Pea Box for 6 pieces was $40, so around $6.60 per piece, which is just an amazing deal. I will most definitely be getting another box for our little one. Sweet Pea Box is also perfect for gift giving. Cannot wait to see our next Sweet Pea Box.

What did you think of your Sweet Pea Box? If you are interested in learning more about the Sweet Pea Box or signing up, you can HERE.

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,


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