Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty Power Box Subscription- July Review

I got the wonderful opportunity to try out Pretty Power Box this month, and am excited to share this box with you again for July.  Pretty Power Box is a new subscription box, going on it’s 2nd box.

What is Pretty  Power Box?

Pretty Power Box is a subscription box for the female entrepreneur. Each month Pretty Power Box will send out items to help create a positive work-life balance.


One awesome thing about Pretty Power Box is that it comes in a great box. I have already used my June box as a Jewelry Box . For July’s Box, I am excited to start using it for my pictures that do not have a home yet. Isn't it cute and colorful!

R&R Wrist Candy Bracelet

This is a cute rose gold cross bracelet.  I always love getting jewelry in my monthly boxes, and this bracelet is no exception.

Kimberleeannkreations Alloy Metal Fabric bracelet

The more I put this on  the more I am liking it. It is a little different, but in a good way..

Nutri Gran Chocolatey Crunch

This was the little snack in every Pretty Power Box. Pretty Power Box knows busy women well, and this was a perfect on the go snack. I actually opened up before I took a picture. What can I say it was a busy day, and I was hungry.  Great addition to the box, and not too bad nutrition wise as well.

Three Pears Breeze Tangerine Hand Scrub and Wild Rose Laundry Detergent

Both of these two products from Three Pears Breeze smell great, and are made of all natural, organic ingredients.  A great new find.

Mead Pocket Planner

I was just thinking about buying a new pocket planner for my purse. This is definitely a great add to Pretty Power Box, especially for on the go women.

New Image Minerals Eye Shadow

These are  highly pigmented mineral eye shadows. I usually do not use mineral eye shadows, as they are sometimes messy, and these are pretty bright. However,  I am sure I can find some how to use them, especially because they are still very pretty colors. 

Willow Tree Minerals Lip Shimmer

These lip shimmers from Willow Tree are just fantastic, and 2 came in this month’s Pretty Power Box,  Pouty Plum and Sugar n’ spice. They both have a great natural look to them once on your lips.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Overall Pretty Power Box has done a great job with both June and July’s boxes. The Pretty Power Box is curated to send out great items for women and made by women.  What I appreciate is that Pretty Power Box helps promote female entrepreneurs. And for $15 per month you get quality items from a wide variety of arenas, jewelry, soap, makeup, etc., it is like a melting pot of fun, and you help out newer businesses.  I am hopeful that Pretty Power Box keeps up the awesome work in bring these fantastic boxes to women each month.

If you are interested in learning more about Pretty Power Box and signing up, or you would like to send this awesome box to a friend you can do so HERE.  Make sure to let them know Tickled Pink in the Rain sent you.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Bulu Box and Amazing Promo

Love myself a Bulu Box! I am a little late posting this, but I really enjoy my monthly Bulu Boxes and did not want to miss on sharing July's box with you. Some months are a hit and some are less than a hit. However, overall Bulu Box is one of my favorites out there.  I recently subscribed to both the regular Bulu Box, and I am still a subscriber to the Weight Loss Box. However, I only received the Weight Loss Box this month.

What is Bulu Box?
If you have not heard of Bulu Box, well it is a perfect time to learn about how awesome this little orange box is. Bulu Box is a perfect way to find new supplements, vitamins, and health and weigh loss products that you may have not ever heard of before. Bulu Box also provides great tips and information to help to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Bulu Box has two different options;  you can pick the regular box or the weight loss box. Each month it cost only $10, and each box comes with an array of products that are just Awesome.

July Weight Loss Bulu Box

Naturade Total Soy

This is a soy meal replacer. What I like about this is that it is only 140 calories , high in protein, and perfect for a quick on the go meal. I tried the chocolate one and it was pretty tasty.

Zellies Xylitol Mints 

Xuiltol is made to help promote healthy mouth, and to protect the teeth. These mints were pretty tasty. 


 This is like a supplement to coffee. Vivarin is driven by caffeine and helps keep you physically and mentally get through the day.  I used this and I definitely could tell it works.

PowerBar Performance Energy Blends

These are perfect on the go snacks to help with energy.  Perfect to take to work or to eat after the gym. These will be perfect if I go on a run soon.

Rivalus Short Cutz

This helps with weight loss. Rivalus contains supplements to help with fat loss and digestion. I am currently using a different product, but I may try these in the future.

Daily Burn Gift

This is a $30 credit for Online Training, which allows you  to access workout videos online.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: Bulu Box is one of my favorite subscriptions. It is a great subscription that sends health products,  weight loss products supplements, and many more products to help promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. What I like best, is that not only do you get to try great products, but it is also a great deal. 

PROMO/COUPON:  Right now using Promo CodeBULUGAN131”, for new subscribers, Bulu Box is offering the following promotion:

1 Month free (regularly $10)
3 Months for $15 (regularly $30)
6 Months for $30 (regularly $60)
12 Months for $60 (regularly $120)

This is a great health subscription box. If you would like see past Bulu Boxes you can HERE, HERE or HERE.  

And to sign up you can HERE.

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Birchbox Exclusive- Free Gifts and Special Offer

Birchbox is teaming up with Seventeen Magazine, and a special advisory board of real sorority girls to deliver the ultimate guide to self-care essentials of undergraduate life! These products will help navigate any major transition, whether you are going back to school or not.

Here are some of the great things coming from Birchbox:

Shop the Birchbox + Seventeen College Beauty Must-Haves category shop in the Birchbox Shop!

Get 100 Birchbox Points ($10 value) when you buy a Seventeen Magazine subscription for $15!

Free Dormify Pillowcase with any $35+ purchase from the Birchbox Shop including 1 item from the Birchbox + Seventeen College Beauty Must-Haves Shop!

Free amika Birchbox Mini Ceramic Styler in Pink Peacock with any $75+ order from the Birchbox Shop!

Free Tibi Empire Pouch with any $65+ order from the Birchbox Shop!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

July The Bride Box Review- " Last Fling Before the Ring"

Bride Box is the highly anticipated box at my house lately, and this month’s box was just fantastic. Even though I have a while before I start planning a Bachelorette party this The Bride Box " Last Fling Before the Ring"  items were so much fun.

What is Bride Box?

The Bride Box is an exciting, well needed, subscription box that shares great gift, treats and ideas to help gals/ the Bride –To-Be (or Groom, if he is in on the planning as well...It is his wedding too.) on the way to THE BIG day, the wedding day.  It is perfect inspiration to help on my way to planning from every aspect of a wedding. 

Cost: $35 per month

July "Last Fling Before the Ring" Box

This month’s box was for that big day before the actual big day, haha. The highly anticipated party before the party, the Bachelorette party.  I definitely will be hanging on to all these items for my Bachelorette party.

Bride to Be Sunglasses by Promovizion Custom Print Eyewear -$15

These sunglasses are so cute. I can definitely see myself wearing these. My fiance’ saw these, and was wondering if you actually can see through them though. You can. Definitely a little extra something to add to the Bachelorette day attire.

Girls Night Out Shot Glass- $2.50

 What kind of Bachelorette party is it without a shot glass or two, three or four. Haha.

Dare to Do it Cards $5.50

These Dare to Do it Cards are very notorious in the Bachelorette and Bachelor party worlds. I have seen these before Some of the cards are pretty funny, some are a little more x-rated. All in all, I think that these will come in handy after a couple shots out the shot glasses.

“Bride” Wine Glass from Sticker Shop Unlimited $12

This was the perfect addition to this month’s Bride Box. Not only is this a very big wine glass, very well made, but it is also so cute. I do think the ladies behind the Bride Box sent me the perfect one, since I will be a bride. I am keeping it nicely wrapped up so I can use it closer to wedding time (no date planned yet). Now all I need to get is one that says “Groom”. Perfect match.

Bachelorette Sash from The Crafty Vixen $16

This too is staying in the packaging until I can use it. This Bachelorette sash is most definitely going to go into use. The last time I wore a sash was back in high school, but how many times does someone get the chance to wear a sash. I love it.

TICKLED PINK OPINON:  This was my favorite Bride Boxes yet. Yes, the Bride Box is a newer subscription, but I loved this month’s box. I think my favorite item has to be the wine glass, because I am a wine-o, and it was so nicely made. Not only were all the items in July’s Bride Box quality items, and perfectly themed for a Bachelorette party, but the presentation of the box was fantastic. The box value was approximately $51, and only cost $36 per month. I know I say this every month, but I cannot wait for August’s box now!

What did you think of July’s The Bride Box? Are you a bride to be or know someone getting married, well this box is perfect. If you would like to see previous boxes you can HERE or HERE. And if you would like to sign up for The Bride Box, you can HERE.

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Juniper- T.O.M Box- July Review

Juniper box is a great monthly women’s time of the month box. Other than the great items that you get each month, I also love that Lynn, the CEO of Juniper, is so freakin funny. In each Juniper box it includes a letter from Lynn in each box, and this month’s letter was just too funny. Another plus is that Lynn also provides great customer service, which makes me appreciate Juniper even more. You can tell she really cares about her subscribers.

What is Juniper?

Juniper is a women’s time of the month subscription that allows you pick your tampon/ pad/ panty liner brand. Just tell Juniper when you get your period, and then within days of your time of the month comes Juniper to the rescue with all the essentials you need to survive, plus extra goodies. Cost $28 per month.

July Juniper Box

This month’s box was themed around a party in the USA, and there were great products this month, like always.


 All the things a women needs to survive her T.O.M.,including Midol. 


Rip Van Wafels

These waffle treats with caramel in the middle are delicious.  A great treat to have with some hot cocoa.

Dang Coconut Chips

These will be perfect in some oatmeal, or a spring chicken salad with pears or strawberries. Yum.

Fisher Honey Bee Honey Sticks

The honey sticks are a staple of the Juniper boxes, however, I think they are delish.  These are a perfect to pack with me to work  to add to some tea or to just have as a little treat or mid-day snack. For July, my Juniper box was packed with Watermelon, Strawberry and pina colada.

Torn Ranch Chocolate Chip Cookies

Juniper recommends eating this with some ice cream, and that sounds great. However, the little one got to these first. Haha.

Teatulia Teas

I have been liking tea even more lately, especially green teas. This green, white and lemongrass tea sound yummy, and good for me.

Heliotrope Black Fig Cardamon Massage Candle

This smells great., and after burning this candle you can use the oil to massage.

J&M Key Lime Cookies

This was a little extra treat that was included in this month’s box. They were a hit last month, and I was excited to see the extra special treat in this months box.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  Juniper is always a great box that I look forward to receiving each month. I love that each box is packed full of goodies. Juniper's July box definitely did not disappoint. At $28 per month, it is a little more than other women time of the month boxes, but with the quality of items and the customer service I am leaning more towards keeping Juniper on my list of keepers.

What did you think of July’s Juniper Box? If you are interested in seeing past Juniper boxes you can HERE or HERE. And if you would like to sign up for Juniper you can HERE.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Poppy Parcel July Review

I really enjoyed my first Poppy Parcel, and I have been looking forward to the 2nd Poppy Parcel ever since.  And Now I am excited to share the 2nd box with you.

What is Poppy Parcel?

Alex and Lindsay are the Founders and CEO’s of Poppy Parcel and they have come up with a great box that sends out special treats (3-4 to be exact) for the everyday ordinary girl. Very simple concept, but the box is full of amazing items, for just $19.99 a month.

July Poppy Parcel

Baggu Fun Tote- $7

This is a perfect, and while it is just a little tote I was excited to see it in this month’s Poppy Parcel. A great Eco friendly  bag for lunches or shopping. 

Pear Tree Greetings Notepad Pack- $20

I am a big fan of Pear Tree Greetings products. I have ordered Pear Tree Holiday cards for Christmas before and I was very happy with the products. This notepad/stationary pack is just too cute.  The very popular macaroons, made for a great design on this stationary pack.  I can definitely use this pack, and love sending out handwritten cards so this will come in handy.  And it came with a $10 coupon as well.

Just Lovely Things Headband-$12

I am not the biggest headband wearer, but this one is super cute. What I like best about this head band is that it is not only cute and a great color, but it is comfortable on as well.


Poppy Parcel also came with three coupons this month: 1) 20% coupon to Diament Jewelry; 2) 20% coupon to Brick & Arrow; and 3) 15% off my August Poppy Parcel Box. I am super excited about the discount on August’s Poppy Parcel Box.

TICKLED PINK OPINON:  I would say Poppy Parcel is more about delivering quality items to subscribers over quantity. July’s box items were worth more than the monthly cost for the Poppy Parcel box, However, for some items I  probably would not pay the price for them on their own, but appreciate getting them in this month’s Poppy Parcel box. The unique thing about Poppy Parcel is that this box is like getting a gift. Each month there is something different and surprising. Another thing that is great about Poppy Parcel is that this is a great subscription to gift to a friend or family member.

If you are looking on getting something special for yourself or someone special in your life, Poppy Parcel is perfect. What did you think of Poppy Parcel this month? If you are interested in seeing what was in June’s Box you can HERE. Or if you would like to sign up for Poppy Parcel you can HERE.

Until next time
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