Monday, July 29, 2013

July The Bride Box Review- " Last Fling Before the Ring"

Bride Box is the highly anticipated box at my house lately, and this month’s box was just fantastic. Even though I have a while before I start planning a Bachelorette party this The Bride Box " Last Fling Before the Ring"  items were so much fun.

What is Bride Box?

The Bride Box is an exciting, well needed, subscription box that shares great gift, treats and ideas to help gals/ the Bride –To-Be (or Groom, if he is in on the planning as well...It is his wedding too.) on the way to THE BIG day, the wedding day.  It is perfect inspiration to help on my way to planning from every aspect of a wedding. 

Cost: $35 per month

July "Last Fling Before the Ring" Box

This month’s box was for that big day before the actual big day, haha. The highly anticipated party before the party, the Bachelorette party.  I definitely will be hanging on to all these items for my Bachelorette party.

Bride to Be Sunglasses by Promovizion Custom Print Eyewear -$15

These sunglasses are so cute. I can definitely see myself wearing these. My fiance’ saw these, and was wondering if you actually can see through them though. You can. Definitely a little extra something to add to the Bachelorette day attire.

Girls Night Out Shot Glass- $2.50

 What kind of Bachelorette party is it without a shot glass or two, three or four. Haha.

Dare to Do it Cards $5.50

These Dare to Do it Cards are very notorious in the Bachelorette and Bachelor party worlds. I have seen these before Some of the cards are pretty funny, some are a little more x-rated. All in all, I think that these will come in handy after a couple shots out the shot glasses.

“Bride” Wine Glass from Sticker Shop Unlimited $12

This was the perfect addition to this month’s Bride Box. Not only is this a very big wine glass, very well made, but it is also so cute. I do think the ladies behind the Bride Box sent me the perfect one, since I will be a bride. I am keeping it nicely wrapped up so I can use it closer to wedding time (no date planned yet). Now all I need to get is one that says “Groom”. Perfect match.

Bachelorette Sash from The Crafty Vixen $16

This too is staying in the packaging until I can use it. This Bachelorette sash is most definitely going to go into use. The last time I wore a sash was back in high school, but how many times does someone get the chance to wear a sash. I love it.

TICKLED PINK OPINON:  This was my favorite Bride Boxes yet. Yes, the Bride Box is a newer subscription, but I loved this month’s box. I think my favorite item has to be the wine glass, because I am a wine-o, and it was so nicely made. Not only were all the items in July’s Bride Box quality items, and perfectly themed for a Bachelorette party, but the presentation of the box was fantastic. The box value was approximately $51, and only cost $36 per month. I know I say this every month, but I cannot wait for August’s box now!

What did you think of July’s The Bride Box? Are you a bride to be or know someone getting married, well this box is perfect. If you would like to see previous boxes you can HERE or HERE. And if you would like to sign up for The Bride Box, you can HERE.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,


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