Monday, July 1, 2013

New Subscription Splendies Review and Promo Code

It seems that the underwear subscription is becoming quite popular right now. I am not complaining, I love getting new undies without having to go out to the store. And, adding some new and fun panties in my wardrobe is always okay. Introducing the monthly subscription, Splendies.

What is Splendies?

Well Splendies  is a great subscription that sends put 3 pairs of underwear to your door each month.  You just choose your size and they will do the rest. Shipping is really fast, you can change your size at any time, or you can cancel at any time as well.

Cost: $12 $8 per month with Promo Code “PINK”

June Splendies Bag

Forever 21 White Cotton Thong

This was a Forever 21 Thong, and very pretty. I think this is a great every day kind of thong, and would be something I would pick out for myself. Very practical, yet flirty.

Black and Hot Pink Heart String Thong

This was also from Forever 21. The tags are left on each pair of the Splendies panties so you know what brand they are. However, the price was left on this pair. These were worth $3, but marked down to .99 cents. I really like bargains as much as the other, but I think it would have been nice to not have the price left on.  All in all these panties, probably will not be worn much. The hot pink hearts are cute, but string is not really my thing.

Rose Intimates Hot Pink Lace Hip Huggers

These were my favorite, and a perfect style for me. The fit was perfect, and something that I would pick out for myself.  Just this hip hugger pair in the Splendies pack made it worth it.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I love that Splendies is affordable, and who does not like new undies. I think that the concept is great, and will catch on quickly with customers. I cannot wait to see packages in the months ahead. The only thing I can say was I wish the packaging was different, at least for my Splendies pack. Other ladies Splendies packs showed up in pretty pink packages, and each panty was individually packaged in cute little bags. My Splendies pack on the other hand was packaged in a mailroom shipping bag and wrapped in tissue.  I really do not mind, but I think that there needs to be consistency in subscription boxes. And, I vote for the pretty pink package with individually wrapped panties in cute bags, please.

Splendies ranges in size from S to XL. However, for more curvy women there also is Volupties. 

Volupties also sends 3 pairs of panties each month. The cost per month for Volupties is $17, but with Promo Code “ Pink “ the first month is only $12. If you are interested in learning more about Volupties you can HERE?

What do you think of Splendies or Volupties? Does your wardrobe need a underwear makeover? You can sign up for Splendies HERE and Volupties HERE.


$4 off Splendies ($12 now $8)  using Promo Code “ PINK” ; and
$5 off Volupties ($17 now$12)  using Promo Code “PINK”.

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