Friday, July 26, 2013

July Ambition Box Review

Ambition Box is another newer subscription box that just came out a few months ago. This will be their third box, and I am pleased to show you the goodies in the Ambition Box this month.

What is Ambition Box? 
The brains behind Ambition Box have come  together with an Ambition to bring to people great beauty products and to start  a beauty movement”. .Each month Ambition Box sends out great beauty products for $15 per month. Very reasonable and affordable, and delivered right to your door. 

July Ambition Box

Nailtiques Nail Kit -$22

This kit comes with  Nailtiques Formula 2, which helps protect nails. Formula 2 also contains a unique blend of protein and conditioning to help make the nails become healthier, long and strong.  This kit also includes the Nailtiques Nail Laquer in Milan, which includes extra protein, as to provide extra protection and added benefits to your nails. I really love this polish color and cannot wait to give the Formula 2 a try since my nails could use a little extra conditioning and strengthening.

Bling ID Holder- $5

This will be perfect to keep my building card in. I will probably not keep this around my neck, but it is perfect to keep in my purse for easy access when I need it. And it is pretty.

Satin Doll Bracelet-$17

I think I have three bracelets from Satin Doll now, but they are all in different colors. I definitely like bracelets, and I am sure  I will find something to wear this with.

Purely Pro Cosmetics Stuck on you- $24

This is an Eyeliner Fixative that allows you to turn ordinary powder into long lasting, smudge proof liner. This is amazing sounding, and I cannot wait to give it a try.

Lola Blue Pucker up Grapefruit Lip Balm- $2.50

This lip balm smells amazing, and made will all natural ingredients. Great addition to July’s Ambition Box.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:   Ambition Box provided amazing products this month. What I have noticed after reviewing other July Ambition Boxes, is that each subscriber gets a little something different in each box. No one box seems to be the same, which I like. I look forward to using all the products that was in the Ambition Box, so that is always a plus as well.  In total this box contained approximately $71 worth of great beauty products. Very impressive.  I cannot wait to see future Ambition Boxes!

If you would like to see past month’s Ambition Box you can see HERE.  And if you would like to sign up for this great beauty box or learn more about Ambition Box you can sign up HERE and make sure to use Referral Code AB4345.

What did you think of July’s Ambition Box? 

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,


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