Thursday, July 11, 2013

Julep Maven California Coast Collection Review and Promo Code

It is that time of the month again, Julep Maven box reveal time. Yay! I do not know what it is but I cannot resist these Julep full collection sets. For July the theme was California Coast, and I loved it. As you will see as you review the post, the nail polish colors were just fantastically beautiful, and the extras were even better. 

If you have not heard of Julep, or have not heard about becoming a Julep Maven; Stay put, I will have more information at the end of my post about signing up and a promo code for a free box!

Julep The California Coast Collection

The Polishes

These were some of the best polishes I have gotten from Julep. They were beautiful, and I loved the shimmer in many of them.  Here is the collection of polishes.

Blakely- A purple and green molten color
Angela- A deep sea blue molten color
Tracy- A sparkly blue sea salt color

Joanna- A lilac frost color
Alaina- A driftwood taupe crème color
Faye- A liquid bronze shimmer

Adele- A golden reflective top coat
Karen- A peach bellini frost color
Cassie- A soft sheer coral color
Nadia- A sun-kissed golden frost

Overall, I am loving Adele and Cassie together the most. All these colors take you right to the sea, and I am loving it!

Julep Beach Tonic

I absolutely love body oils, so you know I had to have this beach tonic. I have already taken full advantage of this oil, and I love it. Additionally the spray bottle that it came in is perfect! If you have never tried a body oil to moisturize your skin, you must try it out. Amazing!

Julep Seat Salt Texture Spray

I received some sea salt spray in my Fab Fit Fun VIP Box as well (you can check it out HERE), and now I am kicking myself for cutting my hair. Typical women, or typical Stephanie that is. I always need to do something so drastic with my hair. Just before summer I took off more than 5 inches. I love long beachy waves in the hair. Ill have to try out on my shorter hair now. Any hair style suggestions?

Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers

These will be great for the summer, or all year round. I tend to get oily around the t-zone,  and oil blotting papers are great.  I have tried these already and they smell great.  However, they do not pick up as much oil, but are great for blotting lipstick. A great little addition to the Julep box this month though.

Add-On Extras- Fireworks Nail Polish

I was loving the add-ons this month, especially the 4th of July colors. I chose the Fireworks color to wear on the 4th. However, my box came on the 5th. Bummer. Oh well, it is still a great red ,white and blue glitter top coat.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I am always, always pleased with my Julep Box, and this month is no exception. I only wish I now can take a trip to the beach, since this box made me want to be in the sun as much I can.

PROMO: If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven you can check out previous month boxes HERE or HERE. And if you would like to sign up, and get your first box for FREE using Promo Code FREEBOX, you can do so HERE.

What did you think of the July California Coast Collection? Excited for August already? I am !

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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