Friday, July 26, 2013

New Subscription Munchit Box Review

Munchit is a new wonderful snack box subscription that provides healthy, "naturally wild" snacks to their subscribers every week. The snack in each Munchit Box is proportioned to get give you a perfect sized snack.  Unlike many of the monthly subscriptions out there Munchit sends out their boxes each week,  so each week you can have a new snack delivered right to your mailbox, in addition to some other great treats.

Here’s how Munchit works:

Decide the mixes and treats you fancy munching and all the hot and cold brew teas you covet, too. You choose ALL the options you think sound nice. Munchit then packs one snack mix, one all-natural treat, some all-natural gum and one tea bag in your box based on your tastes. That means every box will be 100% unique to you while still remaining a surprise. Your box is  then delivered straight to you every Wednesday. All for just $3.58 a box (shipping included)!

My First Munchit Box

Munchit Box, and it came not only with the snacks, but this cute little note as well. 

Banana Split

This was delicious, and thankfully it was portioned out, because I would have ate more than was in my Munchit Box. Butter Toffee Almonds, Bananas, and honey roasted peanuts mmmm. Really this mix was delicious.

Natural Organic Apple Candy

A nice little treat to cure your sweet tooth.

Stash Vanilla Nut Creme Tea

A  little yummy tea to go with your snack. Perfect.

Glee Gum

And top it all off with a little minty fresh gum!

Munchit currently only delivers to the following states: 
Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia.

However, Munchit is working towards offering box deliveries across the whole of the USA though, so no worries. 

I was offered a Munchit Box to try and Munchit sent it out to Washington state. I was really excited. I really hope they start sending out their boxes this was soon because I really enjoyed this Munchit Box. It was a perfect mix for a nice little afternoon snack.  And at only $3..58 per box, it is very affordable. 

Right now on Munchit  the first 300 people get their first box free.

If you would like to see all the snacks Munchit provides or sign up right away for your yummy Munchit snack, you can sign up HERE. 

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