Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Subscription for Kids- Appleseed Lane October Review

This had to be one of my favorite boxes of the month. It was just one of those boxes I am so happy our family got to try. Appleseed Lane is a new subscription out there for little ones, and I am so impressed with our first box.

What is Appleseed Lane?
Appleseed Lane is a great box for kids. Each month Appleseed Lane will send a fun and engaging box filled with science experiments and lesson-based crafts sent directly to your door. These boxes are geared towards kids ages 4 to 10 (and adults J). Cost per month is $23. You can also add addition supplies if there are more kiddos in the family for an additional $9.95 per child.

Appleseed Lane
Halloween Box

At first sight I loved that the Appleseed Lane Box was so organized and the presentation was just great.  I was super excited to see that the theme was some great Halloween projects. With our schedules being so hectic, we finally managed a night of crafts and fun the other night, and our little one had a blast.

The box laid out each project very nicely, and came with perfect easy to read instructions.

Each project in the Appleseed Lane box is packaged up with everything you need to do that project. I love that everything is included, and is ready to use for each project. There was no running around to get anything, and we could just enjoy the fun time with our little one without chaos. (sometimes that happens when we realize we do not have everything we need to make or do what we started).

#1 Frankenstein Slime Container
Our little one is a couple weeks away from 3, so we still needed to help her out with this one, since she rather put the tape on me, daddy or herself, rather than complete the slime container. It really is hard to say no to her creativity at times though.  We also had to do the cutting, but she helped with putting on the ears, which were corks (so inventive), and all other items for the face. Our little one immediately put it out next to our indoor hallowen d├ęcor, and was very proud.
She was giving us a loud monster roar, hand gestures and all! 

#2 Monster Slime
I know Appleseed Lane is for kids, but I was super excited about this project. I love mixing things up and seeing what happens. Daddy was a little skeptical at first when I told our little one to pour the whole thing of glue into a cup. I really love projects that are step by step projects that go quickly, because it keeps the little one’s attention throughout the project. She got a kick out of the slime for sure! It was a little weird feeling.

#3 Glowing Ghost
I loved this project! This seriously was so easy, and such a good idea if I ever have a Halloween party. After making the Ghost we hung it up right away, and turned the lights out. “OH COOL!” the little one exclaimed when she realized the glowstick was inside.  It is so fun to watch her experience new and exciting things.

#4 Critter Soap
Our little one loves animals, but not so much into bugs.  She was, however, very excited to play with the play beetle and spider that was included in this Appleseed Lane box. We immediately had her place the bugs in the soap, and then poured the hot soap liquid into the molding. Within an hour the soap was already hard.  In a complete brain malfunction, I forgot to take a picture of the soap afterward, and we have already since used it.

The little one loved the badge chart and sticker that is included in the Appleseed Lane box, and was very proud to have earned her Halloween badge. 

Appleseed Lane also included this cute little book, Seedlings, that has some fun learning/ scientific information for kids growing minds!

I am loving this new Appleseed Lane subscription box. I actually think this is one of those boxes that  I will keep around for awhile for our little one. I love the ease and convenience this box brings with it as well. With a very busy household ease and convenience is always a plus, and I love how organized each project is. And easy to clean up. We went very smoothly from one project to the next, and completed the whole box in one sitting. We might spread the projects out next time. In A’s (Daddy) opinion, this was his favorite kid box to work on with our little one, and he is already excited to work on November’s box with H (Harley is our little ones name). So overall the whole family gives Appleseed Lane a huge round of applause and an A+, we all love it!

Also Appleseed Lane is giving back, they have partnered with the Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless on a "Get 1, Give 1" holiday gift campaign. For every subscription or gift certificate $25 or above that is purchased between now and the beginning of December, Appleseed Lane is giving away one box to the Arlington-Alexandria Coalition for the Homeless to help provide holiday gifts for kids in need. Appleseed Lane’s goal is 500 donated boxes!


If you are interested in learning more about Appleseed Lane or signing up, you can HERE. And you can save $10 off your first box using the Promo Code “FRIEND10” . You just have to make sure to let them know that I sent you, and then we both can get $10 off!

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*This box was received for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions and views about the box are my own, and no compensation, other than the box, were provided for my honest opinions. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Byrdie Glossybox Review

It seems like Glossybox just keeps getting better as the months go by. The October Box was one of the best boxes of the year. Not only was there some great full size items, but they were items that I really like as well. I cannot wait to share this months box with you.

What is Glossybox?

Glossybox is a beauty subscription that sends out premium beauty samples to members each month. The cost is $21 per month.

October Byrdie Glossybox
Glossybox collaborated with Byrdie this month, to bring the Byrdie Glossybox. The Byrdie website is a new sister site to Who What Wear.  The new Byrdie website is a great new website that talks about all things Beauty, and there were definetly some great items in this months box.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara- Full Size $23
This mascara is so pretty all packaged and unpackaged, I do not even want to use it. The outer cover of the actual mascara is in a fabric like cover. I have always really liked the Tarte brand, so I was super excited to get this mascara in this months box, and cannot wait to start using it. 

Balance Me Shine on Tinted Lip Salve- Full Size-$16.50
I have never tried this brand of lip salve, and I usually use any lip gloss with lipsticks, but after using this lip salve,  I really like this all by itself. It is a really pretty color and looks great on. 

Bvlgari Pefume -$17
This was very deluxe size perfume, not a normal little sample size one, which i was really impressed by. I have gotten other Bvlgari products in my monthly Glossyboxes and always really like them. The perfume, put on sparingly, smells good as well.

Fresh LotusYouth Preserve Face Cream -$16
I actually thought this was a full size Fresh Lotus product when I opened it, as it is a very nice deluxe sample size face cream. I have used the Youth Preserve Face Cream before and really like it. I was happy to see a bigger/ deluxe size in the Byrdie Glossybox. What is great about this face cream is that is does not leave the skin feeling greasy. 

Sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel- $17
I have never used the Sesha brand, and I see that other Glossybox subscription boxes got face masks. I was happy to get this face exfoliating wash. This Renu face wash is said to help remove dead skin cells and unclogs pores. I cannot wait to use this.

I was super impressed with this October Glossybox,  collaborated with Byrdie. The total box value was a little less than $90, which was a fantastic value, since the monthly cost is only $21. I really love when Glossybox has collaboration boxes, and eagerly anticipate another great collaboration. 

What did you think of October’s Byrdie Glossybox? If you are interested in learning more about Glossybox or signing up for this great subscription you can HERE. 

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My first Beauty Box 5! October's box Review

Yay, I am back. It has been a busy couple days.  But I am back with another fantastic box to share with you all. I have heard so many good things about Beauty Box 5, and I am not sure why I have never subscribed to this great subscription yet.  Beauty Box 5 offered to send me a courtesy box to try out, and  I was super excited since I have been wanting to try it out, and immediately I knew why people are raving about this fantastic beauty box.

What is Beauty Box 5?
Every month subscribers will get a box filled with cosmetic products selected by Beauty Box 5’s beauty editor. You'll receive a mixture of luxury, commonly known brands, niche brands, eco-conscious and even vegan brands. Your beauty box will include a selection of makeup, hair care, skin care, nail care, fragrances and beauty accessories. And the Cost is only $12 per month!

October Beauty Box 5

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion- $2

I already use Aveeno products, and am already sold on them. I was really excited to see this in my Beauty Box 5, since it is a perfect lotion to keep on my desk at work. With the weather getting colder my hands get dry a lot more, so this was perfect.

Model Co. Illusion Lip Pencil-$20
This in itself was enough to cover the cost of the Beauty Box 5 monthly subscription, and more. I was just thrilled to see a full size product in this Beauty Box 5. I have no idea why it has taken me so long to subscribe to this fantastic box.  And I love the Model Co. brand, so this was a wonderful addition to my first Beauty Box 5.

Swissco Glitter Toe Separators- $4
I usually paint my toes without toe separators, probably because I cannot sit still after painting my toes though, and having the separators in make it hard to walk, haha. However, I will try to be more patient and take more time, so these toe separators will come in handy.

La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes- $3
These came at just the right time, as I just ran out of my other set of La Fresh wipes. I am back and forth with La Fresh, since at times I think they leave my face feeling a little oily. However, these are a different type of La Fresh than I have been using, and they are travel sized, and perfect to pack with my makeup.

Nubar Alter Ego Nail Laquer in Roxy- $4

This is a perfect top glittery translucent top coat to make any nail polish have that extra pop. Always love getting polish in my beauty boxes.

I cannot believe what I have been missing out on. I know I have said that all through this post, but I am so excited about Beauty Box 5.  The total value of this box was approximately $33, which was more than double what the monthly cost of the box is. I am very impressed with the items included, and know I will use each and every item out of this box, which is a big plus in my book. I already cannot wait for November’s box!

If you are interested in learning more about Beauty Box 5 or signing up, you can HERE. 

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*This box was received for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions and views about the box are my own, and no compensation, other than the box, were provided for my honest opinions. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

October's Awesome Blush Mystery Beauty Box/Bag Review

This is one of those boxes/bags that I look forward to getting each and every month, especially because the value and quality of the products versus how reasonably priced the monthly subscription cost is. And, it just so exciting to get a bag full, and I mean full, of beauty, makeup and skin products.

What is Blush Mystery Beauty Box?

Blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription that sends out great beauty products, skin care, hair care and makeup handpicked by a team of beauty pros, and is worth at least $100. Members also Enjoy a Free Gift with your Beauty Box and Free Shipping all the time! The monthly cost is $24.95.

Blush Mystery Beauty Box
For October the Blush Mystery Beauty Box was curated by  Kimberly who is the Co- Founder of Chella Skin Care. She has not only included one full size product from her line, but also some other awesome products.

Chella Skin Care Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace- $15

I really like highlighter pencils like this one, and I actually have use the Chella Highligter Pencil before, so I was happy to get another one, and it was full size.

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Kerfuffle-$15
I always love getting polish, and really like any Butter Polish. Butter Polish has always gone on my nails very well. The color is very pretty as well. Not sure what Kerfuffle means, but it is a cute name. This Butter Polish was full size, whoo-hoo!

Karin Herzog Vita-A-Komb-$5
This is a great nutritious moisturizer, with anti-aging benefits. If you do not know already, but I always like products that have anti-aging benefits.

Mirabella Mineral Highlighting Powder- $38 

This has to be my favorite part of this whole bag/box, and this Mirabella Highlighting Powder was full size!!! I have used Mirabella products before, and really liked them, so I am sure I will be loving this highlighting powder!

Miracle Skin Transforming Face- $8

I have been trying to get around to getting some of this Miracle Skin Primer/Tinted Moisturizer ever since I tried it a couple months ago. I was excited to see another deluxe sample in this Blush Mystery Beauty Box!

Talika Lipocils Expert- $8

A great product to get those lashes looking long. I am excited to give it a try.

Theraplex FT  Exfoliating Emollient- $15

This is great for the cold months. I get really dry hands, since I guess they cannot get clean enough, so hopefully this helps out. I probably will keep this by the sink so I use it right away after washing my hands. I am sure this will last awhile since it is FULL SIZE!

My Face Cosemtics Lip Pop Gloss- $18

This lip gloss looks like fun, and it is full size. 

There is not much I am can say about the Blush Mystery Beauty Box, other than it was AWESOME this month, as usual. And all these great products come in a nice little bag. Speaking of the Blush Mystery Beauty Box bags, the bags have changed, and have a nice cotton feel now rather than a mesh like bag. Very nice change. Overall, this bag had a total value of around $122! Awesome, right? And it only cost me around $26, even more Awesome now, right?

If you are interested in learning more about this great Blush Mystery Beauty Box or signing up, you can HERE. 

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Fab Kids London Calling Collection Review

I think that I love Fab Kids more and more.  For this month they came out with a collection called London Calling, and the hardest decision was trying to pick out just one outfit for our little one, since I loved them all.

What is Fab Kids?

Fab Kids, which is affiliated with Just Fab, is a company started by a couple of mothers, and Christina Applegate (movie star), and founded to let girls,  and now boys, express their individuality through fashion, while allowing parents to get high end clothing at reasonable prices. After taking the style quiz, Fab Kids then picks out clothing perfect for your little one. You can pick and choose what you would like. Every outfit comes with three pieces, and the cost is $39.95. You are not obligated to pick a set each month, and can skip if you choose as well. 

 First look in the box, all nicely packaged!


What I really liked about this collection is the prints that Fab Kids has picked for the pieces. I love leopard, star, black and white, and plaid print, and it looks so cute mixed together.

Hearts and Tulle Outfit

We usually do not buy little tulle skirts for our little one, but this looked very cute all paired together. What is even better, each of these pieces would work well separately with other items we have in the closet for our little one as well. 

Love on Plaid Ruffle Tee

At first glance I thought this would just be a normal long sleeve thin tee, but it actually is more like a sweatshirt. A little thinner than the normal sweatshirt, but still nice for the fall weather. I also really love the detail sleeves on this shirt, the ruffles are actually leather ruffles, it adds such a cute touch to this tee.

Star Sparkle Tulle Skirt
Our little one is not really 100% into skirts, but this is very cute. It has a great under layer, under the tulle, that is not scratchy which is great. It also has a nice satin stretchy waist band, which will be more comfortable.

Stripe Play Leggings 

Fab Kids makes the best leggings. Super soft, and great for the colder months. We love black and white, and it matches so many other shirts and dresses we have. What I like, is these leggings are a great versatile piece, and also looks cute in this outfit pairing.

Other London Calling Favorites

Wild Necklaces Outfit

London Plaid Outfit

Like I have said, and you have probably already read in my other Fab Kids posts, but Fab Kids is really growing on me. Fab Kids brings right to your door great clothing that is quality made, super cute, for a reasonable price.  I really do not plan on getting the outfits every month, but it is great for special times when I want to get something extra special for the little one.  And, what is even better is that it is super convenient! I cannot see what Fab Kids comes out with next.

What is great for new members of Fab Kids, is you get your first outfit for your little one for 50% off. So, if you are interested in learning more, checking out the full selection from Fab Kids or signing up, you can HERE. 

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