Friday, October 4, 2013

I-Ella the List Sex in the City Style Soho Bag Review

I have been waiting for my I-Ella the List Box very patiently. Well, actually as patiently as I can. This month I-Ella sent a box themed around My Sex in the City Style.  You know why I was excited now.

What is I-Ella the List?
I-Ella the List is your Personal Stylist in a Box. Each month I-Ella the List will pick out a theme, and send you a box full of fashion goodness, and extra goodies. You can pick from three bags: 1) Starter Bag, which is $59; 2)Soho Bag, which is $129; and 3) St. Barth’s Bag, which is $389.  Before signing up you take a style quiz, to find out what you like best, and I-Ella the List also has you provide all your sizing information, so that any clothing and shoes fit perfectly. The sit back and wait to for the fashion to come to your door. 

I-Ella the List Sex and the City Style
Soho Bag

After going through my style profile I-Ella the List determined that my style was most like Carrie.  And the box that I got for this go round through I-Ella the List was great!  And I have to add that for this Sex and the City Style bag it was presented so nicely. This is what it looked like after opening the box.  I was super excited to dig right in.

Blithe & Bonny -$8
I was really excited to see this soap because I had heard that it was good stuff. This bar is a soap bar made with Goats Milk. Not too sure about that. However it smelled great, and I love how it is packaged.

Herban Essentials  -$12

I receive these in each I-Ella the List box I get. I do not mind, but I am collecting quite the collection now.

Caroline Gardner Notebook- $6
I was really excited to get this little journal/notebook. I am guessing that a notebook/ journal was included in my Soho Bag because my style was Carrie. We all know on the Sex in the City Carrie was a writer of the best column in New York.  This came at just the right time, and the Caroline Garner prints are just so lively and bright!

M&M  Schmalberg Custom Flower  –$18
While I loved this flower, I was not sure what I was going to do with it right away. I actually think it may go into use for our little one.  Sewed on to a little headband for our little one would be super cute!

Wren Cut Out Pleat Dress  –$330
 Perfect for work. I  like I-Ella the List more and more because they send me clothing that I absolutely love. In just one week, I have actually worn two pieces that I have gotten in past I-Ella the List Bag,  and my Biko necklace. I love the colors of this dress, and it definetly adds some color to my closet. I am usually a black dress kind of gal.  One thing I know for sure I am super glad it was in my I-Ella the List bag because I usually do not spend $330 on a dress just for the heck of it!

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  Okay I have to just say it,  I-Ella the List was super-fantastic this month. Yes, I know super-fantastic is not a word, but it really was great.  I did have to wait longer than I thought for this box to come my way, but it was worth the wait for sure. My Sex in the City style Soho Bag was packed full with $374 worth of products, and it cost me $129 and shipping.  I am just over-the-top happy with everything and cannot wait to see more from I-Ella the List!

What did you think of the Sex in the City Style I-Ella the List Soho Bag?  If you are interested in signing up or learning more about I-Ella the List you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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