Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Parenthood Easier One Box at a Time- Parenthood Survival Box Review

I was super excited about this box when I found out about it. This box was curated just to make parenthood easier. When Parenthood Survival Box offered to send me a box I immediately took them up on their offer, and was super excited to see what the box was all about. 

What is Parenthood Survival Box?
All the items in this box are curated and chosen to make the life are parents easier and more fun. The Parenthood Survival curators wanted to curate a box that brings the most innovative, creative and useful products right to parent’s door. Cost is $34.99 per month.

First Parenthood Survival Box

Angel Dear Swaddle-$16

I received one of these in another box, and they are so soft and comfortable. This swaddle is made of 100% cotton, prewashed for softness,  and good for all seasons. I am contemplating whether I will be keeping this or giving this one away for a gift, since our little one is not in the age category of needing a swaddle blanket.

Parents Night Out Pads-$8 

These are perfect for nights out. I think this is a great pad, and perfect so you can go through and make sure you do not miss any important information that would be helpful for a babysitter.

Fred and Friends Chill! Baby Pacifier-$10

Oh my goodness, this was the cutest. A really got a kick out of this one, and said he would have definitely used this when our little one was younger and was still using a pacifier. I know some parents who could use this right now, so this will be a great gift.

Indestructible Book- $5

So, this book is said to stand up to chewing, tearing, water, and is baby-durable. I have already handed this cute book over to our little one. She loved it. I saw her bite it the other day,  and there were no bite marks, or tears, or water damage. So far so good.

Baby Legs- $12

These are leg warmers, and very stylish and very cute. Baby Legs are an easy alternative to leggings/ tights for little ones.  I hope these fit our little one because they will be perfect for the winter.

I just have to say right away that I love the concept and idea behind this box. I think that finding items that help make parents’  life easier are great. And not all parents have the time to go out and look for items like these. The box came up with an overall approximate value of $51, which is great given the box costs $34.99 per month.  Not only do parents save money, but they also save time by letting Parenthood Survival Box curators take the time to find these great items. Thus,  allowing more time for parent’s do what they do best, be with and take care of their little ones. I  cannot wait to see more from Parenthood Survival Box.

What did you think of the very first Parenthood Survival Box?  If you are interested in signing up or learning more about Parenthood Survival Box, you can HERE.

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