Monday, September 30, 2013

September Blush Mystery Beauty Box Review

I have only shared this box once before, but I have gotten it for a couple months now, and It is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This box has a good mix of all beauty products. The box I am talking about his Blush Mystery Beauty Box. I am excited to bring it back for September.

What is  Blush Mystery Beauty Box?
Blush Mystery Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription that sends out great beauty products, skin care, hair care and makeup handpicked by a team of beauty pros, and is worth at least $100. Members also Enjoy a Free Gift with your Beauty Box and Free Shipping all the time! The monthly cost is $24.95.

September Mystery Beauty Box

September’s Blush Mystery Beauty Box was curated by Sara Strand ,who is the creative director for Pop Beauty. And of course the September box included a great Pop Beauty Product.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop in Fuchsia Flirt

I really like the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop lip stain/gloss, and have gotten it other boxes before.  I really like that it is light and can be used to enhance your lip without looking like too much. You can make it look more natural.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo

I am a big fan of dry shampoos, and really like getting the chance to try out new brands. For someone who sometimes just wants to roll out of bed and get ready quickly for work, a dry shampoo is a must. Not sure why a dry shampoo would need to be anti-aging, but anti-aging anything is great in my book.

LVX Nail Laquer in Legendaire 

Always love getting a nail polish in a beauty box. This LVX polish I have never tried before, but I have heard fantastic things about it.  I only wish I color was a little more fallish.

Amlactin Triple Action Alpha Hydroxy Therapy Foot Cream

This is a perfect foot cream to keep in my purse or gym bag. This is great for dry feet. I do my kickboxing with no shoes or socks for better balance so this will be great to get some more moisture on those footsies.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

This is like primer for the brows. This clear gel says it is good to keep your brows polished and in place all day long.

Racinne Deluxe Travel Set

This is a great little travel set with 4 innovative formulas that work to help reduce the signs of aging.  Power Serum,  Power Cream, Neck Emulsion and Power Mask. I love skin and face products, so I was excited to see this in this month’s box.

Brad Biophotonic Skin Care Ultra Peel

This is used to treat brown spots and also help for a more even skin tone. I have received this in other boxes and have not used it yet.

Juara Sweet Black Tea Eye Crème Sample

Always like products that hydrate under my eyes, and is good for anti-aging.

Airbrush Refining Eye Creme

I received this in my first Blush Beauty Box as well, but it is a small sample. I was excited to see it in the box again. This does exactly what it says, and is great for reducing puffiness in the eyes.

TICKLED PINK OPINION- For only $24.95 the Blush Mystery Beauty Box is worth the price. This whole bag included over $100 worth of products, all of which were great products and a couple full size. I have not been disappointed yet with Blush Mystery Beauty Box, and plan on continuing my subscription. I cannot wait to see what is in store for October.

What do you think the September Bonjour Jolie Blush Mystery Beauty Box? If you are interested in learning more about Blush Mystery Beauty Box or signing up, you can HERE.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sample Society September- Back to Basics Review

I get The Sample Society Box each month from Beauty Bar, and I really enjoy this box each month. It really send me something new and exciting to try each month. The September Box was nothing less than great this month.

What is Sample Society?
For those who do not know what Sample Society is, this a beauty subscription that sends out beauty samples each month. Sample Society is through Beauty Bar and teamed up with Allure. The monthly cost is $15.

September Sample Society Box

For September Sample Society featured a box I really liked, Back to Basics – Skin Edition.  This month the Sample Society picked out some of their favorite products for a great skin regiment.

Deepa Gurani Hair Accessory

A great hair band from Deepa Gurani. I really like this and plan on using it right away. I have never received anything like this from Sample Society before, so it was a nice change of pace.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

I have been getting many products from Suki lately, but I really have been enjoying them. I really like the Suki brand  and this will be a great exfoliate to add to my skin regiment collection.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

Murad has a great collection of skin care products.  This serum is perfect to add elasticity to the skin. I had good results with other Murad products I have used, so I expect that this will have the same outcome.

MD SolarSciences Daily Eye Repair Emulsion

I really love to get eye products in boxes. If there is one thing on my face I worry and care more about using good products, it is under my eyes.  I tend to get puffy and have dark circles, so it is extremely important to keep under the eyes hydrated and moisturized. 

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Face Crea

This made in France moisturizer seems like a perfect every day moisturizer for the face. I am very picky about moisturizers, as I tend to get oily skin around the T-zone.  I think I will wait until colder months when I tend to get drier skin to use this, as it says it is a decently rich moisturizer.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: For $15 this Sample Society Box is well worth it. While I did not do exact price checks, I  really think that 4 nice size samples of skin care products and a very chic hair band is well worth the money I spend on this box.  Additionally , Sample Society always  offers  a $15 off $50 purchase coupon each month, which I think is great if you take advantage of it. I continue to be very pleased with my Sample Society Box each month, an d do not plan to cancel my subscription any time soon.

What did you think of Sample Society from Beauty Bar this month? If you would like to learn more about Sample Society or sign up, you can HERE.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

I skipped a couple weeks of High Five for Friday. But, I am back! I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth over at Lauren Elizabeth Blog.  And here is my High Five for Friday.

#1 Our little one is just the cutest. We made some suckers, that we learned to make from our Crafter’s Crate Box. She thought they were pretty darn tasty.

#2 Daddy and Daughter. What else can I say about this picture other than it just melts my heart. She is a Daddy’s girl that is for sure.  And just to mention I really love the new app I downloaded, Rhonna. Rhonna is a great photo app, loving it!

#3 I do events and promotions at home games for the Seattle Seahawks. This last weekend Me and A stayed to watch the game. Love myself a good football game. And, I am a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan, so you know it was a great time.

#4 Speaking of Seattle Seahawks, Check out the Seahawk Mani  I did for the game.  Love these Julep colors!

#5 A rep at Harry’s drew and sent me this picture in my Harry’s box. I loved it, so cute! Thanks Harry’s artist!

How was your week? If you would like to link up your High Five for Friday Moments you can HERE.

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Stitch Fix- Stylist Delivered Fix #5 Reviewed

So I have been slacking with my boxes like Stitch Fix and RocksBox, since I can schedule them as I like. But, I have had this Stitch Fix on my to-do list for a  while now, and since I now have another Fix on it’s way I thought I should hurry up and share this #5 Stitch Fix before #6 comes. So here goes...

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. Stitch Fix gets your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. And No two Fix shipments are alike. Each one is hand–picked just for you. It costs $20 per month, and this $20 can be used towards the purchase of any of the items Stitch Fix adds to your box.

Stitch Fix Box #5

My stylist Michelle has picked out some great pieces, and while some just did not fit me as well, others were pretty good. I think with some more feedback from me, I will start to get pieces I would actually keep.

DownEast Banks Sheer Dot Peter Pan Collar Top -$28

When I first saw that it was a Peter Pan Collar Top, I was not sure about this shirt, but after trying it on I changed my mind. I really love more sheer flowy feeling tops that I can easily pair with jeans or wear with a pencil skirt for work. I would have loved this shirt more if it were a different color.  But, overall, I think it looked okay.  

Mystree Cairo Crochet Detail Sheer Back Top- $35

Crochet shirt, hmmm not sure if that exactly is my style. When I think of a crochet shirt I think more Boho Style. However, I did try this on and think it was not too bad looking, maybe not on me in particular, but cute.  I just did not think it flattered me very well, so I decided it would have to be sent back.

Potter’s Pot Monique Double Breasted Trench Coat -$48

Again, a color issue with this coat. While I may have kept this coat,  I really did not like the color.  Additionally, when it comes to my style and coats I am very picky anyways. So, when I go out and get a coat on my own, is more professional and feminine. Not sure this trench coat was for me.

Oxmo Mea Center Ruffle Floral Button Tank-  $28

I really loved the color of this shirt, and really think it would work great as a layering piece for fall. It fit very well, and I really liked it. I know it was a little plainer in comparison with the other pieces in the box, but I really do love when I can wear a piece during the hot months, and then wear it as a layering piece for the cold months. As well as wearing it casual and then wearing it pumped up a little bit for work. Versatility is what I look for in clothing pieces.

Peppermint Blair Swiss Dot Dress –$48

This picture really does not give this dress justice. It really was a very pretty dress, and fit perfectly. This was one of the top pieces to keep.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I always love getting my Stitch Fix box, and know that whatever is included in the box will be fun to try on. I am very impressed with the Stitch Fix stylist, and really think she needs to go shopping with me all the time, because somehow they always seem to send me clothing that fits perfectly. I never have that luck when I go shopping on my own.  I only kept one piece from this box the Oxmo shirt, as I always try to use my $20 credit. I think it is waste if you do not use it towards a piece. However, the total value if a bought this whole lot would be $187, and with the discount from Stitch Fix it would only cost $125.25. A great deal. I actually have never had a box retail this low before. I like it though. I really am excited to see what is in my next Stitch Fix.  I do plan on writing some more comments in the future so the box that comes my way fits my style even better. Stay Tuned for my next box soon! Cannot wait!

What did you think of Stitch Fix? Are you ready to add some fall clothing into your wardrobe, and to have you own personal stylist? Well you can find out more about Stitch Fix and sign up HERE. 

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Pixie Bar Giveaway Winner

I am excited to announce the winner of the Pixie Bar Giveaway is..

LaTanya T.

Congratulations LaTanya, I will be in touch shortly!

For all those who  have not heard about Pixie Bar yet, you can check out my first box HERE.  Or you also can subscribe or learn more at the Pixie Bar site HERE.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rockbox Review- 5th and 6th Boxes

I really am a BIG fan of Rocksbox, and I have two boxes that I have received since I last posted about Rocksbox to share with you. I love jewelry, so Rocksbox is a perfect subscription for me.

What is Rockbox?
RocksBox is like the Netflix of the jewelry world. Each month RocksBox sends you jewelry pieces that match your style And then you can keep the pieces for up to 60 days. After you are done experimenting and showcasing the stylish pieces RocksBox sends, you return them,  in the return envelope they provide, OR you can also buy the pieces as well. RocksBox members get 20% off all gift memberships as well.  Once  RocksBox gets the jewelry back they will send you another set of three jewelry pieces!!

Cost: $19 per month

5th Box from Rocksbox

Gorjana & Griffin Greer V-Neck Necklace -$52

Rocksbox knows I really like gold jewelry, and I love Gorjana & Griffin. This necklace was very dainty, yet very stylish.  This V-necklace would really go well with anything.

David Aubrey Double Layer Turquoise and Gold Bracelet- $56

I really loved this bracelet. The details on the clasp of the leaf was just a perfect touch. I had never heard of David Aubrey before I got this bracelet, but I really like the vibrant feel of this piece.  I put it on right after opening the box, and thought it looked great.

Urban Gem Long-Drop Semi Precious Stone Earrings in Red- $48

Love big bold earrings.  I have gotten Urban Gem jewelry in other boxes, and I just really like the style of each piece I have gotten thus far. These earrings looked a little more orangey to me, but I liked them nonetheless.

6th box from Rocksbox

Urban Gem Wishbone Necklace-$32.80

Another great piece from Urban Gem, I really like how fun this necklace is. At first I actually thought this was a Gorjana necklace, since the style was dainty like my V-Shape gold necklace. 

Gorjana & Griffin Sea Stripe Studs in Navy- $24

I really liked the style of these earrings, and would have kept them if they were a different color.  I just do not have much that would go with Navy. These were very cute though, and the first set of Gorjana earrings I have gotten in a Rocksbox.

Isharya Coral Cascade Enamel Earrings- $94.40

I loved these earrings. The coral color leaned a little more towards an orange coloration,  in my opinion. However, they still were beautiful and I would have loved to keep them. I just cannot pay that much for earrings unfortunately, as I would probably lose them in a month. I am notorious for losing one earring, so I have a bunch of singles in my jewelry box right now.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I really like Rocksbox, and really love their service. Rocksbox really is just like Netflix, and I love that you do get to keep the pieces for awhile before deciding whether or not to keep them. The only change I wish Rockbox would make is making it so the $19 subscription fee could be applied towards a purchase. I always anxiously await my next Rockbox, and look forward to what they pick out for me next.

What did you think of Rocksbox?  If you are interested in signing up for Rocksbox yourself you can HERE.

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