Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hamptons Lane- For Coffee Lovers

As a local living around the area surrounding Seattle, it is no wonder that I really enjoy a nice cup of coffee. However, I also like to have a nice cup of home brewed coffee just as much. Those many trips to the coffee shop can really hurt the pocketbook at times.Especially when they are on every corner. What better than a coffee company online that creates the perfect blend for you, or just makes it easier to get the coffee you really like delivered straight to your door. Well, ladies and gentleman here is Hamptons Lane.

What is Hamptons Lane?

Hamptons Lane is not only a monthly subscription that provides some great coffee, but also allows you to buy coffee that is specifically picked out to fit your taste buds. The goal Hamptons Lane has embarked on is they they want their customers “to have a unique experience, tailored to your unique taste. You can get the ultimate in coffee personalization by creating your very own blend. Select from an assortment of our fine beans and combine them to create your personal blend – made, named, and enjoyed by you and your friends.

One of the very great tools Hamptons Lane provides is a Taste Profile quiz that after taking prepares customized recommendations based on your preferences in flavors

After taking the Taste Profile Quiz I was designated as…


Your addiction to cocoa is nearly as strong as your addiction to the coffee bean. Both have proven to be much healthier than we once thought, and always tasty. You can pair your cup of joe imbued with notes of hazelnut chocolate with a chunk of cinnamon dusted chocolate on the side.

Regatta Java

I got the opportunity to try this great Medium Roast Blend of Coffee from the Hamptons Lane signature line of coffee. Very Smooth, yet a hint of spiciness. I really do like Medium Roast coffees, so this was a perfect pick for me, and very good. A little more about Regatta Java blend:

Regatta Java -$15 for a 12 oz. bag


A day at the races wouldn’t be complete without cup of coffee to match the mood. Regatta Java Indonesian and South American beans will excite you with a sweet snap at the first sip, followed by a nice smooth, yet spicy finish.

Hamptons Lane Boxes

Hamptons Lane provides some great boxes that fit many different taste, likes, and preferences of coffee. They provide you the option to buy some of their curated boxes, like my particular pick, Breakfast Blend Tasting box, which contains four 6oz. bags of their favorite coffees to start the day. Cost- $29

They also have the option to build your own box. You can hand pick any four 6oz. bags of your own coffees that you like. Cost- $26

 Create your Own

Another amazing feature at Hamptons Lane is that you can create your own blend of coffee. I went through the online custom blend selection and made a great little blend of coffee I call Tickled Pink Roast. What a great idea for holidays or company presents for all. Cost $14 for a 12 oz bag.


This full, sweet cup has delicious notes of cinnamon throughout.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I really think Hamptons Lane has it all. You not only can purchase curated boxes that fit your coffee style, but you also can custom blend and custom desimake your own coffee. I do not think I have seen anything out there like this yet. I cannot wait to see more from Hamptons Lane.

What did you think of your Hamptons Lane? If you are interested in learning more about Hamptons Lane, make your own custom blend of coffee, or finding out what your tasting style is, you can HERE.

Until next time…
Stay Tickled Pink,

*This box was provided for review purposes only. I only review and post about products that interest me. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received

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