Monday, September 16, 2013

Elizabeth & Clarke Winter Collection Selection Time

Elizabeth & Clarke is sending out their Fall boxes today. Well at least I think so. I hope! . I cannot wait to get my shirts. It really has been a long couple months since I made my selections. You can see what I picked out HERE. Or wait for my review when I get my box.

With Fall boxes being over,  Elizabeth & Clarke has announced their Winter Collection and it is selection time. The Winter Collection has some pieces I am loving.  However, before I start, if you have not heard about Elizabeth & Clarke here is a little info.

What is Elizabeth & Clarke?
Elizabeth & Clarke is a clothing, shirts to be exact, subscription that sends out seasonal shirts every 3 months. You can pick from three different options.  The Starter cost $30, and you get 1 shirt per season. Next, Signature cost $50 ($25 per shirt), and you get 2 shirts per season. Last, Premium cost $60 ($20 per shirt), and you get 3 shirts per season.


If you can tell I really like Elizabeth & Clarke shirts. I think they are great quality shirts, as well as fantastic styles. The biggest plus in my eyes is that these shirts are versatile; they can go from work to play with no problems.

 #1 the Davis

The Davis is a structured peplum blouse that is made with thick, stretchy Ponte de Roma knit. I am in love.  I cannot wait to see how it works with some jeans, and a nice skirt for work. Again, love this top’s versatility, which is why I make this my top pick!

#2 the Paige

The Paige is a shirt inspired by Summer scarf-shirts and Elizabeth & Clarke wanted to bring that idea to their Winter Collection. This shirt is a draped, asymmetical blouse with an attached scarf! You can wear the scarf wrapped around the front, the back, around your neck or thrown over your shoulder. I really love how fun this shirt is. This Paige shirt went instantly in as one of my sections for Winter. 

#3 Liz Lemon

The Liz Lemon t-shirt is from the Elizabeth & Clarke Forever Collection, and is usually available each season. This is a Super-soft luxury lightweight cotton, with just a hint of stretch. This tee is said to be long enough to wear with leggings, with a relaxed fit in the waist and hip, slightly curved in at the waist , and a cap sleeve.. I think this will be great lounging shirt, or a great shirt to pair up with a blazer and pencil skirt for a nice professional look.

My Non- Picks for Winter

the Taylor

the Warren

TICKLED PINK OPINION:   I wish for the Winter Collection there was more to pick from to be honest. The Paige and the Davis I really, really loved;  I already have the Taylor; and you can never go wrong with a tee like the Liz Lemon. However,  I just really did not like the Warren, it was just too squarey shapped in fit for me to like.  I still am very excited about my Elizabeth & Clarke picks, and wish they could come sooner. The Winter Collection will ship on December 1st, so the wait begins.

What do you think of the Winter Collection from Elizabeth & Clarke ? If you are looking to expand your wardrobe, you can find out more about Elizabeth & Clarke or sign up HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. I would have thought for a winter collection that there wouldn't be sleeveless selections.

    1. I would think there would be more as well. However, if you contact Elizabeth & Clarke, and liked the Fall styles since there were some long sleeve they can back order some if they are still in stock. Some of the styles for Winter would look great paired up with some nice blazers or cardigans though.