Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rockbox Review- 5th and 6th Boxes

I really am a BIG fan of Rocksbox, and I have two boxes that I have received since I last posted about Rocksbox to share with you. I love jewelry, so Rocksbox is a perfect subscription for me.

What is Rockbox?
RocksBox is like the Netflix of the jewelry world. Each month RocksBox sends you jewelry pieces that match your style And then you can keep the pieces for up to 60 days. After you are done experimenting and showcasing the stylish pieces RocksBox sends, you return them,  in the return envelope they provide, OR you can also buy the pieces as well. RocksBox members get 20% off all gift memberships as well.  Once  RocksBox gets the jewelry back they will send you another set of three jewelry pieces!!

Cost: $19 per month

5th Box from Rocksbox

Gorjana & Griffin Greer V-Neck Necklace -$52

Rocksbox knows I really like gold jewelry, and I love Gorjana & Griffin. This necklace was very dainty, yet very stylish.  This V-necklace would really go well with anything.

David Aubrey Double Layer Turquoise and Gold Bracelet- $56

I really loved this bracelet. The details on the clasp of the leaf was just a perfect touch. I had never heard of David Aubrey before I got this bracelet, but I really like the vibrant feel of this piece.  I put it on right after opening the box, and thought it looked great.

Urban Gem Long-Drop Semi Precious Stone Earrings in Red- $48

Love big bold earrings.  I have gotten Urban Gem jewelry in other boxes, and I just really like the style of each piece I have gotten thus far. These earrings looked a little more orangey to me, but I liked them nonetheless.

6th box from Rocksbox

Urban Gem Wishbone Necklace-$32.80

Another great piece from Urban Gem, I really like how fun this necklace is. At first I actually thought this was a Gorjana necklace, since the style was dainty like my V-Shape gold necklace. 

Gorjana & Griffin Sea Stripe Studs in Navy- $24

I really liked the style of these earrings, and would have kept them if they were a different color.  I just do not have much that would go with Navy. These were very cute though, and the first set of Gorjana earrings I have gotten in a Rocksbox.

Isharya Coral Cascade Enamel Earrings- $94.40

I loved these earrings. The coral color leaned a little more towards an orange coloration,  in my opinion. However, they still were beautiful and I would have loved to keep them. I just cannot pay that much for earrings unfortunately, as I would probably lose them in a month. I am notorious for losing one earring, so I have a bunch of singles in my jewelry box right now.

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I really like Rocksbox, and really love their service. Rocksbox really is just like Netflix, and I love that you do get to keep the pieces for awhile before deciding whether or not to keep them. The only change I wish Rockbox would make is making it so the $19 subscription fee could be applied towards a purchase. I always anxiously await my next Rockbox, and look forward to what they pick out for me next.

What did you think of Rocksbox?  If you are interested in signing up for Rocksbox yourself you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


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