Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My first Whimseybox - Unboxing and Review

I received this box in September, but come to find out this is actually August’s box. I really love DIY crafts, and wish I had more time to partake in this creative outlet. When I was not so busy I made jewelry, knitted, crocheted, and even started the venture in to sewing.  So, it is not a surprise that Whimseybox caught my eye. I finally decided that I would subscribe, and I was so excited to receive my first box.

What is Whimseybox?

Whimseybox believes that everyone can make something beautiful. The team behind Whimseybox has curated a box that allows anyone to make a great DIY craft. Each month Whimseybox takes the hassle out of having to gather materials and follow confusing instructions for DIY projects. Each month Whimseybox will send a DIY project, along with the materials and easy instructions right to your door.  Cost is $15 per month. ($5 extra surcharge for subscribers in Canada).

WHIMSEYBOX Box #21 (August Box)

This came so nicely packaged. I mean look at this first you go through this great first box, into a second box, and when you open the Whimseybox it is nicely wrapped in a ribbon. I really do love it when a company takes time in presentation of a box. In my opinion,  it really shows that the company cares about their subscribers.

The Project

The DIY project for this month’s Whimseybox was a Beaded Wrap Bracelet. I love that this came with enough material to make two bracelets. One for myself, and one for a friend, or both for myself. 

The Supplies

Each Whimseybox comes with everything you need to finish the DIY project for that box. This box came with not only the materials you need to make the bracelet (cord, button hole, needle and thread, beads), but it also came with everything you need to help you complete this without struggling to complete the project while doing it on your own (binder clips, clip board, ). I really appreciated getting the clip board and the clips. I have made bracelets like this in the past and it is hard to do on your own, if you do not have the right materials to hold down the cord.

Instruction Card/ Art Card

The instructions that came in this Whimseybox for the bracelet were very easy to follow and each step comes with pictures, which help as well. The instruction card is not only the instructions for the project, but it doubles as an art card, that I fully plan on framing. The lovely art on the front is called Vintage Birds by Claire Barone. I really think it is quite lovely, and such a nice touch from Whimseybox curators.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:   I was very impressed with my first Whimseybox. I think that the pricing is just right, and the quality of all the materials for the project is wonderful. A box like the Whimseybox just makes crafting so much easier for someone who does not have the time to think up a crafty DIY project, as well as go out and get the supplies to complete the project.  I really loved the bracelet in this box, and I loved the art card that was included. I really look forward to seeing what is in store for the next Whimseybox.

What do you think of Whimseybox? If you are interested in signing up for your first Whimseybox you can HERE.

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