Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Lip Factory "Welcome Spring" Box Review

Wow, April just flown by! It seems as I get older time just goes by faster and faster. There is no keeping up. Speaking of time, there is no time to waste when sharing the awesome Lip Factory subscription. As you may have read before, Lip Factory is by far one of my favorite beauty subscriptions, and I love sharing it with my readers each month.

What is Lip Factory ?
Lip Factory is a beauty subscription that curates fantastic beauty boxes, with great beauty/makeup for you to explore and try out. Lip Factory prides itself of sending out new brands and new colors to their subscribers. And most of the products included in the Lip Factory boxes are FULL SIZE!

Cost: $22.00  per month

April “Welcome Spring”
Lip Factory Box
Okay so you have no idea how excited I am about Spring. I am REALLY excited!! Already it is starting to warm up over here in the Pacific Northwest. Thank goodness!  I really appreciate that Lip Factory has focused April’s box on some great beauty items to kick the spring off right.

OFRA Lipstick in Red My Lips  $13
I have tried OFRA Lip Gloss before, but I do not think I have ever tried their lipstick. However, I am very excited to give this bright red bold lipstick a try.  And with some natural sunscreen this lipstick will be perfect to add some pop to my lips for the summer while protecting as well.

Color Club Nail Polish in Soft as Cashmere $8
I was really excited to see this lovely color nail polish in the April Lip Factory box. I have been looking for a perfect creamy grey color, and I think I have found it.

NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait $5
I really appreciate that Lip Factory adds in various price range of products in their box. I have always like NYX products, and they are very affordable as well. What I love about this Butter Gloss other than the great color, is that  this great butter gloss smells like sugar cookies. Makes you hungry for sweets when you wear it, haha.

Be a Bombshell Eye Crayon in Fetish $14
I am a huge fan of Be a Bombshell and eye crayons.  Eye crayons are the perfect makeup accessory to add that something extra to an on-the-go makeup look. However, the color of this Eye Crayon was bright purple. No offense to purple, but I just do not think it is my color. I am sure I can find it a great home.

Be a Bombshell Eyeshadow in Tempted $14
Wow, two full size Be a Bombshell products this month! I love it. I really like this pretty khaki green eyeshadow, and think it is perfect for a natural springtime eye look. I have tried Be a Bombshell eye shadow before, so I know that this is a fantastic product.

Jesse’s Girl Kohl Eyeliner in Dark Brown $2
I usually wear a black eyeliner, but one occasion I will venture into a new color. Dark Brown would be next on my list to use for eye liner, so other than black this was a perfect eye liner for me. What is fantastic about Jesse’s Girl Kohl Eyeliner is that it comes with a built in eye pencil sharpener. I cannot tell you how many eye pencil sharpeners I go through. It is nice to have one stuck to the actual eye pencil! Genious idea!


Always impressed with my Lip Factory boxes each month. For April, Lip Factory included $56 worth of fabulous beauty products that are perfect for spring, and all for the price of $22 per month. I would say that Lip Factory goes above and beyond each month in making sure their subscribers are getting their monies worth, as well as getting quality products. The best part of Lip Factory is that they always bring something new and exciting to the table. Lip Factory is still one of my number one for beauty subscriptions, and I continue to look forward to and get excited for each monthly box! I already cannot wait for May!

What did you think of April’s Lip Factory box? If you are interested in learning more about Lip Factory or signing up, you can HERE.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Socks with a Purpose" - New Subscription Sockwork Review and Promo Code

Doesn’t it feel like you are always in the need for socks? Or you only have one of the socks from the pair? Well, that is my dilemma on most days, when it comes to socks.  My fiance’ says that if he could he would wear a new pair of socks everyday. Wouldn’t that be nice? There really is just something about a new pair of socks, that makes me smile. You are probably wondering by now, why all this talk about socks? Well it brings me to a new subscription Sockwork.  I think that name tells all with this subscription, and  I am so excited to share it with you.

What is Sockwork?
Sockwork is a subscription that sends 2 pairs of wonderful and stylish socks right to your door each month.  “Socks with a Purpose” is such a great motto for this company because Sockwork was not only started by Veterans, but it was specifically  started with veterans in mind. The people behind  Sockwork wanted to do something that gave back to fellow soldiers,  so each month Sockwork will pick a Veteran non-profit and will donate 10% of their proceeds to that non-profit.

You might ask yourself, well how does Sockwork work? Well, it is really simple. Sockwork has sock subscriptions available for Guys and Gals. After choosing what type of subscription you would like, or maybe both, you then pick your style. Sockwork has socks that fit any style, from Pro, Fun or Mix. 

You then decide for how long you would like your subscription, take note you save some money if if you purchase a longer term subscription up front.

Cost Per Month: $20 (that’s $10 per pair of socks). And remember 10% of the proceed go to help Veterans.

“Sock-up for Spring” Sockwork First Box
I was instantly taken with Sockwork when throughout the correspondence with the founder of Sockwork,  I discovered that part of their proceeds go to help Veterans. I am a huge advocate of giving back to our soldiers, and am thankful there are companies out there like Sockwork. Second, I  was very impressed at the excellent demeanor of the people behind Sockwork. And last, like all of you out there that love getting subscriptions, the wait of getting the actual box can seem forever, Well, Sockwork’s box came very quickly, which is always a big plus for me.

Happy Socks Big Dot Socks $12
These were just the right style for me. I love happy and lively colors, and I really love the Happy Socks brand. So, I was happy to see this pair in my Sockwork box. A great start to my first Sockwork box.

Color Block Crimson, Grey and Yellow Socks $12
I am not sure if there is a brand that go with these socks, but I priced them the same as Happy Socks, because they feel just as great as the Happy Socks  pair. Even though I like the other design of my Happy Socks better, these are a win for me as well. Who doesn’t love a pair of vibrant and comfy socks.


Sockwork just launched their site, which is just a wonderfully designed site. I do not mention the way a site looks much on here, but I was pretty impressed with the style behind the website. The bright and lively website makes me want Sockwork’s socks even more. I cannot say even great things so far about Sockwork. I really am impressed with this start up Subscription Company, and really think they are doing some great things, as well as keeping our feet looking stylish with great socks. The overall Sockwork box contained $24 worth of socks, which is worth every penny when you consider the subscription cost is $20, and 10% of the Sockwork proceeds are going to a Veteran charity. I cannot wait to see what is in store for Sockwork, and I really do see great things coming from this subscription in the future.

What did you think of my first Sockwork box? If you are interested in learning more about Sockwork or signing up, you can HERE. Also, right now use the Promo Code "SOX2014" and get 10% off your first box!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

New Subscription- Sudsy Box Review

Hi there again. Well after my long break from blogging, I am back! Yay! I have some exciting news that I will share later, but it has been keeping me away from blogging. However, I have some fun new subscriptions to share with you in the upcoming days ys, and if my schedule works with me like I am hoping, I should be back to my regular blog schedule in no time.

I would like to introduce you to a new subscription called Sudsy Box. Sudsy Box motto is that, “Everyone deserves a little box of luxury”. That’s right, I agree completely. After speaking with the wonderful lady behind Sudsy Box, they kindly and graciously offered to send me a box to share with my readers.  I have to say I have never smelled and experienced a better smelling soap than what I received in my Sudsy Box! And I cannot wait to share.

What is Sudsy Box?
Sudsy Box is a luxury soap subscription that delivers Heidi’s Artisan Soaps right to your door every other month.  
In each Sudsy Box you will receive 3 full sized 4 oz. soaps that are all natural, luxurious, handcrafted and are scented specifically for that time of the year. Each Sudsy Box also contains a special surprise gift in each box. Like I said, Sudsy Box sends only all natural soaps that are free from artificial colors, fragrances, and contain no chemical preservatives. Each and every product received from Sudsy Box are Gluten Free and Vegetarian, and all packing materials are recyclable. The labels on the soap are even reusable (I will talk about this a little later).

Cost: $20 Bi-Monthly Subscription Cost

Okay, so I have to admit I do not use bar soap very often, but that is because I have never found any that I really like. However, after receiving these Sudsy Box soaps, which are amazing, I may be a transfer from body wash, to these Heidi’s Artisan luxury soaps. Amazing soaps!

Lavender Dream Soap  $6
I love the smell of lavender, and especially after a long day. Lavender is a perfect essential/scent to help relax and unwind. And, this Lavender Dream Soap is just perfect, and smells amazing too.  This soap was made to feel pampered, and very “spa-like”;  I could not agree more.

Orange Mocha Espresso Soap $6
This soap combined with an actual mocha espresso in the morning is what I am talking about. I would have never thought of mixing sweet orange with mocha, but is smells divine.  The Orange Mocha Espresso Bar has wonderful cocoa butter and shea butter, which great to help with dry skin. Over here, yes please! Any moisture I can get is great for my skin. This bar of soap is a win for me.

Morning Mist Soap $6
This soap has the wonderful scent of spearmint infused in it. Spearmint is great to add some extra pop to any morning shower, and get the morning started just right. Especially because Spearmint is said to help elevate moods.  I have started using this in the morning and I love it.

Glossy Lip Balm in Peppermint$3
I am always in the search of a great lip balm, and these days my lips are getting extra dry for some reason. And with the summer, and at times dry weather, lip balm is an essential part of my day.  This Lip Balm from Heidi’s is just fantastic, and moisturizes wonderfully.


My first impression of Sudsy Box is an A+. The first impression of a box when I open it starts with presentation . When I opened Sudsy Box it was nicely packaged, everything was nicely arranged with tissue, everything was intact, not to mention it smelled awesome, and the packaging of the soaps was very nice. What was very impressive to me was that each and every piece of the packaging around the soap and the information card was made out of  Lotka paper, which is paper that is embedded with tiny seeds which will grow wild flowers. Awesome huh.  What a great idea! I love it! 

I truly think that when a company takes pride in the presentation of their products, cares about their customers, and cares about the environment, you are looking at a winning company. 

Additionally, the Spring Edition Sudsy Box from Heidi’s Artisan Soaps contained approximately $21 worth of handmade products, that is not including taxes or shipping costs. I think the Spring Sudsy Box is well worth the $20 subscription cost, especially for the all-natural handmade items. I look forward to seeing the next box in June from Sudsy Box.

What did you think of the Spring Edition Sudsy Box from Heidi’s Artisan Soaps? If you are interested in learning more about Sudsy Box or signing up, you can HERE.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fancy Mystery Box has just got Fancier

I am sure everyone has heard about the new Fancy Mystery Box. Well, if you haven't well you should check out this new selection option for the Fancy Mystery Box that was just released. 

Here are new options for this fun Fancy Mystery Box: 

Small Mystery Box for Men or Women- $10
Medium Mystery Box for Men or Women- $20 
Large Mystery Box for Men for Women- $30

Mystery Box

What do you think? You going to try out this new Mystery Box Selection Option? I think it sounds like too much fun not to partake! If you would like to get yours now you can HERE.

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