Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Bro Box Review

It is amazing that September is here already, and I still have some August Boxes to review. One of which is a box I really get excited to receive each month, and it is not even for me. Bro Box is a fairly new subscription that comes for my fiance’, but he shares some of the goodies that are co-ed items.  This month was not any different, and has to be one of my favorite boxes out of the Bro Boxes that we have received thus far.

What is BroBox?

BroBox is the box that helps the average “Bro” find unique, new, and awesome products without having to put any effort into it. Awesome products delivered right to your door. With a world full of subscriptions curated more towards women, BroBox decided that men need more subscriptions boxes as well.  Each month BroBox will feature five unique brands and their products, as well as a special BroBox Prize in their monthly box. Cost is $14.95 per month.

August Bro Box

Accel Recover - $2

These all natural bars are great for after workouts. These are packed with three carbohydrates that help to replenish muscle depletion. With our current workout plan, this is perfect for an after workout snack for A ( easier than calling him my fiance’ all the time. A is for Andrew, if anyone was ever wondering what my fiance’s name is, haha). 

Man Salt Muscle  Soak- $3

Man Salt is a custom formula engineered to relax achy muscles, improve skin quality, and leave users’ skin smelling great. Man Salt is specifically made for men looking to relax their muscles after a strenuous workout/ day at a work site, etc. A  has really been having some muscle tension after our workouts lately, so this will be perfect. Cannot wait for him to try it out.

Face Skin Care Ultimate Comfort Shave Gel -$2

This will be great to keep in a travel bag for when we go somewhere and shaving gel is needed.

Perky Jerky (Beef and Turkey)-$3

This jerky came at just the right time. We were just saying we needed to head to the store to get some more jerky when this box arrived. Bro Box saved the day. Jerky in our household is the number one snack, so we were excited to try this Perky Jerky out.

Chip’ins (Sea Salt and Buffalo Wing)-$2

These are great gluten free popcorn chips. We have been trying to stay away from anything like chips, so popcorn chips is a great alternative. And, they sound great.

Bro Box Wristband- $3

This was perfect, since we have been working out all the time. I had just told A that we needed to get something better for how much he sweats. I swear he puts on 10 layers before he works out. This Wristband will be good to get the sweat out of the eyes.  This was A’s favorite item in the box, it went directly into the garage where we workout.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  I really think that Bro Box just keeps getting better and better. There really are not that many boxes like this out there for men, and I really like that Bro Box has curated a box with a wide array of products, ranging from skincare products to workout accessories, specifically for men. I look forward to seeing more from Bro Box, and so does A.

What did you think of the BroBox? You going to sign a special “Bro” in your life up for a month of goodies? If you want to see past boxes you can HERE OR  If you want to learn more or sign up, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

*This box was provided for review purposes only. I only review and post about products that interest me. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received


  1. Hey Stephanie! Just seeing how you/he enjoyed the ManSalt? Hope you guys enjoyed it!


    1. Really like it! I think we may need to get some more soon!