Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Candy Box Subscription- Mexican Candy Box Review

In our house we do not go out and get candy too often, but when we were offered to try out the Mexican Candy Box, I could not resist. This is a new candy subscription that delivers Mexican Candy right to your door.  I really have never heard of any of these candies, but was excited to find out more about Mexican candy, and try out Mexican Candy Box's very first box!

First Look inside the Mexican Candy Box

What is Mexican Candy Box?
Each month the Candy Curators select an assortment of sweet and spicy hot Mexican candies, and deliver them straight to your door each month. You can chose what flavor box, and what size.  There are three flavor boxes to choose from: Sweet and Spicy Box, Spicy Box and Sweet Box. There are also different size boxes as well: 1) Solo (individual) Box- $12, 2) Amigo (friend) Box- $15, and 3) Familia (family) Box-$20.


This little box arrived very promptly, and I am so surprised that all this candy actually fit into this little box. Our Mexican Candy Box was packed to the brim.

Vero Elotes

This is a Strawberry Lollipop with Chili. When I first looked at the package I thought it looked like something to do with a honey type candy, but no I was wrong. I am so glad Mexican Candy Box came with an information card because I do like to know what I am eating. These were very tasty.

Canel’s and Duvalin

The Canel’s were tasty little fruity gums, we have to hide these from the little one.

The Duvalin reminded me of Nutella. However, this little treat has Hazelnut and Strawberry frosting, and comes with a little spoon to scoop it out. This would be tasty with some little vanilla wafers.

Tommy candies
These were great little butterscotch treats. The little one has had one already and the verdict is that they are “Yummy!”

Lucas Mango and Sania del Puesto

The Lucas Mango is a Mango Powder reminded me of pixie stick powder. I will have to give it a try when I have a sweet tooth. I really liked Pixie Sticks when I was little, not sure now. 

The Sania del Puesto was like a pixie stick as well but with Chili Powder. I am saving these for my parents who like hot foods more than I do.

Paleton and Pulparindo

The Paleton is a goats milk lollipop. I have only had goats milk cheese, but I will try anything once.

The Pulparindo is an extra hot and salted tamrind pulp candy. Another candy I probably will pass along to family, since we are not big hot candy eaters in my house.


This is my favorite candy out of the box. I think because there is chocolate, and it is like a Kit Kat. Kit Kats were my favorite growing up. I am sure the little one will like this as well. I will save these for a rainy day. 

TICKLED PINK OPINION:   I was very impressed with how much was in this box. And even though I am not 100% sure on what the price is for each of these candies, I do think that this box is worth it.  Just the time it would take to find some of this candy makes this box worth it.  Like I said I am not a big candy eater, and try to keep it limited at my house, but I like that this box is made for sharing, so we can spread the candy around. 

What do you think of the Mexican Candy Box? If you would like to learn more about Mexican Candy Box or signing up, you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. Since spicy stuff isn't for everyone - the Sweet Only box is recommend. But if you're daring and want to try new things, the Spicy & Sweet mix is good.

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