Monday, September 23, 2013

New Subscription- Scrubscriptions Review

I recently received a great box called Scrubscriptions, and even though I am not a nurse and am not in the medical field, I really think it is great monthly subscription. 

What is Scrubscriptions?
Scrubscriptions is the first nurse-inspired monthly medical scrub delivery service of brand new scrubs and pampering products. The people behind Scrubscriptions know nurses work long hours and on their days off, the LAST thing they want to do is buy scrubs! No more driving around looking for the best deal on scrubs, or wasting time ordering online! Let Scrubscriptions do the heavy lifting for you!  You select a package.You select your appropriate size and color.You sit back relax and your box is delivered right to your doorsteps with medical scrubs included. Cost per month is $38 to $48.

Scrubscription Box

This was nicely packaged and even came with a nice little note from Scrubscriptions. Like I said I am not a nurse nor do I work in the medical field, but I do know people/nurses in the medical field, and they do work long hours. So, It seems that this would be a good way to take the leg work out of having to spend the time buying scrubs they need, and a good gift idea to get for people you know in the medical field. I know for me I love when I have a subscription box delivered to me with a nice work outfit, so I can only imagine Scrubscriptions has the same effect for people in the medical field. 

Dickies Black Label Performance Stretch Scrubs  ($32)

I really thought these looked like they could be comfortable for a long day. I also loved the color. I have someone in mind that I can gift these to. Also I am not 100% on the price, but it seems that you could pay way more for these scrubs it just depends on where you get them from. The $32 price range was about the cheapest I could find this set.  

Village Naturals Therapy Bath Oil and Body Wash Aches and Pain Relief- ($2) 

I personally was excited to get this, as I work some long days on my feet as well. So, I most definitely will be using this.

Village Naturals Mineral Bath Soak Aches and Pain Relief- ( $2)

Again, I was excited to see these mineral bath soak salts. A and I love baths, and these will be great.

Pumice Stone- ($2)

Great for those feet.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  The value of this box is a estimation, and I was not 100% on the pricing, but I got a total value of around $38, which was exactly what the price of the Scrubscription would cost. However, I think the box is worth a lot more since you do not have to take the time to go out and buy everything on your own and you are not paying shipping or handling. Overall, I was very impressed by this Scrubscription box, and think that it is a perfect time saver for those people in the medical field that need scrubs. For me, I loved finding this Scrubscription box  because it is the perfect gift for those people I know who are nurses or are in the medical field out there.

What do you think of Scrubscriptions ? Are you a nurse or are in the medical field and cannot find the time to get some new scrubs OR do you know someone who would love Scrubsciptions, well you can find out more information and sign up HERE.

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