Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Recipe Box Subscription- Pixie Bar Review and GIVEAWAY

Even though I do not get to do much cooking because of my busy schedule, I really do enjoy it.  When I first heard of this new subscription box, Pixie Bar, I was immediately intrigued, because it was a subscription box that deals with cooking, and experimenting with new recipes I would never try on my own. When I was given the opportunity to try out Pixie Bar subscription,  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try this new subscription out.  

Good News, Pixie Bar has announced that one lucky reader from Tickled Pink in the Rain will get an opportunity to win a free box from Pixie Bar. See end of post for more detail.

What is Pixie Bar?

Pixie Bar, what a fun name for a box, is a monthly subscription/ recipe box, that sends out a pre-measured spices, non-perishable items, and wonderful recipe card to make a meal for 4 people. Cost per month is $20.

Pixie Bar Pad Thai Box (August Box)

The Pixie Bar Box came very quickly, and was very nicely packaged so that none of the vials or containers broke during shipping. I do appreciate that subscription companies, like Pixie Bar, take the time to package their boxes correctly. I have had some boxes with spills here or there and it is so upsetting.

The Recipe- Pad Thai

My first Pixie Bar Box came with a very high quality card stock recipe card. This card was made to keep and put in your recipe box for safe keeping. Now if I only had a recipe box. 

The card was very nicely organized and explained everything you got in the box, and everything that you still need to get to complete the recipe, like the perishable items (eggs, chives, etc.). The card also made suggestions on what is good to  supplement into the recipe, like chicken or tofu. I have never made Pad Thai before, but I know that while A (Andrew, my fiance’) will probably not eat something like Pad Thai, my parents really like Pad Thai . I have not gotten the chance to try this recipe out for them yet, but I plan on making it soon for my parents.

Ingredients included in the Pixie Box

Tamarind Paste and Fish Sauce

I was not sure which container contained what at first. However, Pixie Bar quickly sent out an e-mail to all subscribers explaining what sauce was which. I appreciate the prompt attention to this. I am sure in the next boxes they will label which ingredients are which.  I have never used this kind of sauce.

Palm Sugar

Another ingredient I have never used.

Chili Flakes

If you have ever had Pad Thai I know that often times you can find that people like it to be spicy. Some like it spicier than others. I am not the biggest fan of really spicy, spicy food, but for my parents the spicier the better. I am sure we will be using all of these Chili Flakes when I make the Pad Thai.

Rice Noodles

Pad Thai  rice noodles are a little bit different than your normal every day spaghetti noodles. Rice noodles are a great choice for those trying to avoid gluten though. Rice noodles also go a long way. So, when I saw these two packages of rice noodles I knew it would make very hearty portions for 4 people.  Rice noodles can also be soaked in cold water or cooked in hot water. Soaking in cold water just takes a while longer.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:   I am very excited about this new subscription, and love that it gets me out of my cooking comfort zone with trying new more adventurous recipes. I have not made this recipe yet. I did not want to cook it without someone to share with. So, the cooking will have to wait until I am with the parents.  I, however, think that Pixie Bar did a great job with their first box, and I look forward to see more from them.  And at the price of $5 per person/$20 for the box, I think that the price is very reasonable, since many of the ingredients are more costly ingredients. Now if Pixie Bar and coordinate with someone to send me all of the perishable ingredients, I would be set!

 It looks like Pixie Bar is announcing on their website what each monthly Pixie Bar box will contain, as the September Box is already up and will contain ingredients to make a Vietnamese dish called Bun Thit Nuong. You can also contact them if you are interested in buying Pixie Bar Boxes of their past boxes.


 I am very excited  that Pixie Bar has been very gracious to offer one lucky reader a free Pixie Bar box! Whoo hoo. So exciting!  To enter just see the Rafflecopter gadget below.

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What do you think of Pixie Bar? If you are interested in signing up for your first Pixie Bar box or learning more, you can HERE.

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  1. Maybe a nice spicy jambalaya to warm up during the cooler months.

  2. Some kind of spicy chili for the fall/winter!

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    I would love to try that Pad Thai - it's been forever since I've had it (and I love it!)

    Create With Joy