Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Subscription Reveal and Review- Vermont Snacks

I have been enjoying all the subscription boxes that have been released or are coming out that feature certain areas of the country. This box I am going to introduce, and got the opportunity to try out, comes from Vermont. Vermont Snacks is a new box that I really took a liking too right away.

What is Vermont Snacks?

Each month Vermont Snacks ships 4-6 of delicious snacks made by Vermont artisans. Each box is packed full with excitement, and if you like the products that are in your Vermont Snacks box you can also purchase them on the Vermont Snacks website. The monthly cost is $19. And for every box that Vermont Snacks ships they donate a meal the the Vermont Foodbank. 

September Vermont Snacks Box

This box was nicely packages, which you know I always appreciate. It also came with a very nice Featured Product information card, which I also appreciate. A subscription box that features products that someone like me from Washington does not know much about, I really like getting an information card like the one that came with Vermont Snack box. The information card not only explains about the product, but it also gives a little background on the company behind the goodie included in the box as well. 

Garuka Bars- Endangered Edition Bar -$3

This is a great bar full of simple and wholesome ingredients like: Vermont honey, cranberries and peanuts. What I really like about this company is that for each sale a percentage goes towards gorilla conservation.  A and I love animals, and so any company that helps out in the conservation of animals is an instant hit on our list. 

Distler’s Pretzels in Maple- $2

I really like pretzels, so never complain when I get them in boxes. I have never had maple pretzels, so I am excited to give them a try. It was very fitting for a Vermont Snack box to feature some maple items!

Liz Lovely  Chocolate Chip Cookies - $4

These cookies are gluten and vegan free, and are completely to die for. They really give you that OMG moment after taking the first bite. I cannot wait to try more of these, as I am already craving another cookie.

Bloodroot Mountain Chipotle Morita-$7

This is another Vermont company that bases their hot sauce around 100% natural ingredients. This Chipotle  Morita blend contains fire roasted bell peppers, maple sugar, garlic, lime, and of course chipotle morita peppers. I am not the biggest hot sauce eater, but my parents are. So, this will probably be gifted to them. I am sure it is good, just would like it to get used more often than I would use it.

Champlain Chocolate Bar samples -$1 

Yummy little treat!

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  The value of my first Vermont Snacks box was about $17, which was a little less than the monthly subscription cost. However, I think that if you were to buy these separately from each artisans website you would be paying way more in shipping costs. Overall, I think the quality of items and concept behind Vermont Snacks is just fantastic. It is not every day that I get to taste treats from another state. And instead of heading all the way to Vermont to try some of their delicious treats, they have delivered it right to my doorstep. I cannot wait to see what is in store over at Vermont Snacks.

What did you think of the first Vermont Snacks? Are you ready for some Vermont deliciousness delivered right to your door? Well, you can learn more or sign up for Vermont Snacks over at there website HERE.

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