Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday

I skipped a couple weeks of High Five for Friday. But, I am back! I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth over at Lauren Elizabeth Blog.  And here is my High Five for Friday.

#1 Our little one is just the cutest. We made some suckers, that we learned to make from our Crafter’s Crate Box. She thought they were pretty darn tasty.

#2 Daddy and Daughter. What else can I say about this picture other than it just melts my heart. She is a Daddy’s girl that is for sure.  And just to mention I really love the new app I downloaded, Rhonna. Rhonna is a great photo app, loving it!

#3 I do events and promotions at home games for the Seattle Seahawks. This last weekend Me and A stayed to watch the game. Love myself a good football game. And, I am a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan, so you know it was a great time.

#4 Speaking of Seattle Seahawks, Check out the Seahawk Mani  I did for the game.  Love these Julep colors!

#5 A rep at Harry’s drew and sent me this picture in my Harry’s box. I loved it, so cute! Thanks Harry’s artist!

How was your week? If you would like to link up your High Five for Friday Moments you can HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,



  1. Visiting from H54F - love your nails! Have a great weekend!

  2. Nails are super cute!! It's nuts because we are such big college sports fans, but we've never been to an NFL game!! That's awesome that your job is in that environment! I would LOVE that!! :)

    1. NFL Games are so much fun. I am a college sports fan too, Huskies though.