Monday, September 23, 2013

September Goodies Co. Kid's Box Review

Everyone likes a box full of goodies, even your little ones. Goodies Co. recently came out with a Kid’s Box, and I have been exciting to see what it is all about. I signed up it seems like forever ago, but I just got my first box this month. 

What is Goodies Co. Kids Box?

Goodies Co. has to types of boxes: The Taster Box, and the Kid’s Box.  Each box is full of snacks and treats picked out by the Goodies Co. staff. The Taster Box is just normal goodies and snacks for everyone. The Kid’s Box is full of goodies and snacks picked out especially for kids.  Each box costs $7 per month.

September Goodies Co. Kid’s Box

The walrus in the front of the box is so cute. For September they encouraged kids to decorate their own box and submit it to Goodies Co. The inside of the box is all white, and can be unfolded for easier coloring, and then refolded to show off the creation. Very fun, and a great addition to the box.

Animeals Organic Pasta Sauce

I was happy to see this in the Goodies Co. box, and it was the best part of the whole box. This is an organic mild flavor pasta sauce perfect for kids.  I cannot wait to see how the little one likes this sauce. It says it is a perfect dipping sauce too, so it may be a good substitute for ketchup.

Sour Power Sortz

These candy straws look yummy, but not sure the sourness will go over well with little one.

Cow Wow Cereal Milk in Fruity Trudy

We like chocolate milk, so maybe the little one will like the fruity milk as well.  These milk boxes are perfect and come in handy for days when you are preparing quick meals.

Oogies Gourmet Popcorn- Kettle Corn

Our little one loves popcorn, but not sure if she has actually tried Kettle Corn. I am sure this will be a hit.

Nestles Nesquik Chocolate and Strawberry Cookies

We try to not have too many sweets in the house, but our little one likes Oreos, when she gets them. So, I am sure she will enjoy this little treat.

TICKLED PINK OPINION:  For only $7 each month this Goodies Co. Kid’s Box is definitely a fun subscription box to get, and definitely worth it in value. There was a great variety of goodies in this month’s box, and fun for the little one as well.   

What do you think of Goodies Co. Kid’s Box this month ? If you would like to learn more about Goodies Co. or sign up for the Kid’s Box, you can HERE.

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  1. This looks slightly better to me than the regular box but still prob not worth $7. Gahhhhh.... I hate Walmart! Lol!