Monday, June 24, 2013

Elizabeth & Clarke Fall Selection Time

I am loving Elizabeth & Clarke, and am so glad that I subscribed to this women's clothing subscription. I could not ask for better shirts, for work and play. If you have never heard of Elizabeth & Clarke then keep reading because you do not want to miss out. 

Elizabeth & Clarke is a clothing, shirts to be exact, subscription that sends out seasonal shirts every 3 months. You can pick from three different options.  The Starter cost $30, and you get 1 shirt per season. Next, Signature cost $50 ($25 per shirt), and you get 2 shirts per season. Last, Premium cost $60 ($20 per shirt), and you get 3 shirts per season.

Right now is their Fall Selection time. Selections do not get shipped out until September . I think the wait is going to be the end of me, haha, just kidding. But really, I do love the new picks, and wish Elizabeth & Clarke would send out shirts every month! 

Here are my top picks for Elizabeth & Clarke's Fall Selection


This is such a great sweater like shirt for Fall, and I love the color. As you will see Elizabeth & Clarke is going for more than just white for Fall, which I love. I get white dirty too fast!


Love the patch work on the sleeves! I really wish I could have this shirt now. A lighter grey color than the Lyon, and great for dressing up or dressing down!


This shirt looks like a black version of the Taylor, seen HERE. But I loved the white Taylor shirt, so I know that this black The Barret shirt will be perfect for me! I cannot wait for September. 

If you are interested in signing up for Elizabeth & Clarke, and would like to see more of their Fall Selection you can HERE

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  1. love your posts on E&C! i have ordered the exact same shirts as you for fall lol. i can't wait for them to arrive either...longing for fall!!

    1. I know I am anxiously awaiting September as well!