Sunday, June 9, 2013

Starting the week off with some Spice- Tuck-Ins Monthly Review

I have been really excited to share this new box because I really do think that All women really do need something that makes them feel beautiful and sexy, and this box will do just the trick. Tuck-Ins Monthly has curated a fantastic, fun and sexy new subscription that sends its members  a fun bedroom outfit,  and some other goodies ranging from lip-gloss to great sensual care products each month. This box was made specifically to give their members a special gift each month that make them feel special; and also to inspire couples to have fun, play and keep things spicy.

The cost of Tucks-In Monthly per month is $29.99, which is wonderful considering that most sexy outfits from places like VS cost more than that. However, in Tucks-In Monthly you not only get a great sexy outfit, but you also get some great bonus goodies included. Also, just to add, Tuck-Ins Monthly does have each of its member fill out a brief profile, including your size, and then you just wait for your first box to arrive.

*Just a warning that some items in this post might want to be censored. This is not R rated by any means, just for the more mature audience.


2 Piece Dreamgirl Outfit

First of all I love that it was black. I thought this outfit was very sexy, it was not something that I would have ever picked out for myself, as I usually go for more of a one piece romantic looking outfit, but I really liked it. And the quality was great! 

Crazy Girl Sensual Care Samples

I think that these extra goodies are perfect to tie Tuck-Ins Monthly's box all together. In this box there were several samples of Crazy Girl products, and look like great fun.

Max Lip Polish

The addition of this lip polish was perfect. It was that extra special something that really adds to the overall idea and feel behind Tuck-Ins Monthly. For me lip polish always makes me feel a little sexier, and I loved the color.

Tickled Pink Opinion: I loved this box.I would have been pleased with just the sexy two piece outfit, however, the addition of the extra goodies, just made Tuck-Ins Monthly stand above the rest. A couple extra great things about Tuck-Ins Monthly is that the presentation of this box is excellent. I really appreciate when a monthly subscription box really cares about presentation to its members. Also, after speaking with the creator/founder of Tuck-Ins Monthly I can tell that they really care about their members, and really want to provide a fantastic and over-the-top subscription service for their members.

Tuck-Ins Monthly is getting some great reviews, as you can read in Popsugar HERE, and now I can really see why. I cant wait to see more from Tuck-Ins Monthly. If you would like to learn more or subscribe you can HERE.

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  1. If these "tuck-ins" are one size fits does that work? I'm 5'10" and definitely not a size 2...more like a size 6. Can I return the outfit if it doesn't work? It's a nice concept...but not very realistic.

    1. I updated my review about how Tuck-Ins Monthly has you fill out a profile with sizing before they send you your monthly box. I think that this helps show that they really are trying to customize.