Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Bulu Box Review AND Promo Code for Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday

I like to share my Bulu Box with everyone on my Tip Top Tidbit Tuesdays segments, and this month I have a great Bulu Box to share. 

If you have not heard of Bulu Box, well it is a perfect time to learn about how awesome this little orange box is. Bulu Box is a perfect way to find new supplements, vitamins, and health and weigh loss products that you may have not ever heard of before. Bulu Box also provides great tips and information to help to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Bulu Box has two different options;  you can pick the regular box or the weight loss box. Each month it cost only $10, and each box comes with an array of products that are just Awesome.

My June Bulu Box- (Weight Loss Box)

BioVi Probiotic

I have been wanting to get a Probiotic for us, but have not gotten to it. When I got this in this month's  Bulu Box I was excited. At first glance thought the whole box was full, however, there were only 2 tablets included in the Probiotic box. What a tease, haha. Its okay though these will be a great way to test them out to see how we react to them.


I have gotten a couple different hangover supplements in boxes lately, but they really have not gone to use. I am sure the next time we decide to indulge these BluCeltin will come in handy.

FlapJacked Protein Pancakes

I have heard really good things about this pancake mix from other reviewers. I was excited to see this in my June’s Bulu Box, as we have been on a higher Protein diet these last couple weeks, mixed with some hardcore Tapout XT.  And these pancakes are about 17g of protein, not too bad. While we are not the biggest pancake eaters, I am sure this will be good for breakfast one morning soon.

Shapeology Burn Blend

I was super stoked to see this in my Bulu Box this month.  I am very impressed with Shapelogy brand, so I was excited to try out their Burn Blend. This blend helps burn fat and help speed up the metabolism.  So far I have tried it a couple days, and it has seemed to be working. I give these two thumbs up!


Our household loves green tea, but the drinking kind. I am not too sure about adding green tea powder too our food. However, I am not opposed to giving it a try though, as it is said to help increase antioxidant intake by 10,000 %

TICKLED PINK OPINION: I am 100 times more impressed by June’s box compared to May’s Box. I was so happy to see an increase in the value of the products that were included in this month’s box. Bulu Box really never has disappointed me though, and the quality of the products included in each months box is so worth the monthly $10 cost for the box. I would highly recommend this box to anyone looking for supplement or vitamin help or suggestions.  Additionally, which I always love to see in a company, the customer service from Bulu Box is exceptional.

What do you think of Bulu Box? What did you get in your June’s Box? If you are interested in seeing what other months’ boxes included you can see HERE OR HERE. And, if you would like to join the Bulu gang you can learn more HERE. If you sign up now you can get your first box free using Promo Code, BULUGAN131.  You can sign up HERE.

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Stay Tickled Pink,

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