Monday, May 27, 2013

Health and Fitness Bulu Box Review and Promo Code

I am a very big fan of Bulu Box, and I have been so pleased with the products that I receive in each of my boxes, however, this month I must say, unfortunately, that I feel a little bummed about my box. I have seen some other boxes with some great stuff, including everything that I received in mine. I just have to wonder how Bulu picks boxes for people. Do not get me wrong, I still would say this is a great box to subscribe to, as I have had this box for 4 months now, and not until this box have I been a little disappointed.

After communicating with Bulu, and inquiring about why some boxes receive different, and more samples than others, Bulu Box was very responsive and gave great customer service. I can appreciate this about a company. Each Bulu Box contains about 4-5 premium vitamins and supplements every month. (I got about 7-8 samples in my first box) However, sometimes Bulu Box's brand partners sometimes cannot provide enough samples. So when this happens, Bulu has to choose certain boxes to receive one product over another. To help make sure Bulu gets enough samples in the future, Bulu encorages each Bulugans to fill out their . Sample Surveys.

That being said, here is my...



Gym Pact is an app that pays you money to meet your workout goals. For each day you work out you can earn money, and those who sign up but do not work out are the ones who are paying you. 


This is a healthy version of the rice crispy treat. It was quite delicious, and a great treat. Nice substitute for anything high in sugar, when you are seeking some sugar. Each bar costs about $1.62.


A Fruit Punch supplement that when mixed with water and consumed healths optimize workouts- before, during and after. I am excited to try this mix as it is said to help muscles  reduce fatihue and improve muscle recovery. Since I am now in week 2 of Tapout Extreme Training, and feeling the burn in the muscles, I am hoping this will help. Each serving of Fixmixer Amino costs about $1.02.

JCORE Zero Lite

I really like the taste of this, and it definitely worked. This was made with Teavigo Green Tea. The benefits of this mix is to help increase your metabolism and fat breakdown, as well as help support heart and Cardiovascular health. This is on my to buy list. I was very impressed by my first sample of JCORE Zero Lite. Each serving cost $.44.


I was very excited to try these, as I am taking the Neocell Keratin and Collagen Beauty Builders right now as well. ( You can enter my NeoCell Giveaway HERE). Overall, I have been very impressed by NeoCell and after trying these beauty bursts not only taste great, but if they can help my skin, nails and hair too than count me in. Each chew $.26.

You can try Bulu Box now, and get your first month free using Promo Code BULUGAN131, just go HERE for more information. You can also see my other month's boxes HERE AND HERE. And let me know what you think about Bulu Box.

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