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Pretty in Pink, Crafter's Crate May Review and Promo Code

I have to tell you that I am just loving Crafter's Crate subscription box. I have to say I think it is one of the best kids craft boxes out there right now. Crafter’s Crate has provided a fantastic box, that has given parents and their little ones the best opportunity to spend time together, craft, and have so much fun. 

If you have not heard about Crafter’s Crate, please take the time to review my post HERE. Rachael, the curator of Crafter's Crate, and mother of a little one as well, has designed Crafter’s Crate for little girls to not only have fun spending time crafting with the grown-ups in their life, but also to learn and gain from having fun doing these activities as well.

Each month Crafter’s Crate has a theme, and for May the theme was Pretty in Pink. I, as well as our little one, are loving this month’s theme and especially the pink elephant, as pink is one of our favorite colors. Our little one was so excited about digging into this months box, you will rarely see but a hand in my pictures, as she was a ball of energy and I could not get an un-blurred picture of her. 

Crafter’s Crate May Pretty in Pink Box

Parachute Power

I love activities that not only are not only fun for the whole family,  but also teach our little one something.  This Parachute, which is pink (we love pink), allowed us to teach our little one as much as we could about the science behind how the parachute floats and falls with the wind/air. Even though our little one is still little, and maybe too young to completely understand, it is never too early to teach something through doing something fun!

Pretty Purse

I loved in the Grown Up instructions how Crafter’s Crate explains how making a purse is a very valuable learning tool for our young ones.  I agree that it is never too early to teach young ones on emergency contract information, and the tool of being responsible, and this can be done by using this activity of making a purse.  We also gave our little one a piece of paper with our contact information on it, and she immediately put it in her purse, such a big girl. I was happy to share my love to purses with our little one, all while teaching her a valuable lesson as well.

Button Ring (or in our case bracelet)

Our little one is always intrigued by my jewelry. I was so happy to see that this craft was included in this month’s Crafter’s Crate, as we were able to work together to make our little one her own beautiful flower jewelry. This was great way to for her to be creative . We ended up using this kit and making a flower bracelet instead,  and it turned out fantastic.

Candy Suckers

We love cooking at our house, and our little one loves suckers. It was neat, after trying our hardest to not eat the candy before making the actual sucker, to share the activity of making our own suckers. This was a perfect activity for our little one and daddy, as they both have a sweet tooth!

Elephant Pillow

This was our favorite project out of the box.. I knew right away that our little one would be ecstatic to have a fluffy pink elephant of her own. She loves animals, loves making their sounds, loves reading about them, and loves talking about animals, and now she could make her own little pink elephant. Absolutely perfect.  We started putting this elephant together however, it has not been completed yet. This project took a little more time than our  little one had the energy and patience for at first, but it is a work in progress. I think as much as it is teaching us about animals, it is also teaching out little one about patience and not giving up on something. 

Pocketbook: This box costs $19.99 per month.  This box is so worth the price, not only do you get all the items to complete the activities and crafts, and instructions, but Crafter's Crate saves the grown up's time. Rather than taking the time to plan and design each of the activities and go buy the items, Crafter’s Crate has done this job for you.  Crafter’s Crate has created a box that allows you to spend more time with your little one.  

Tickled Pink Opinion: I am in love with Crafter’s Crate Boxes. I love the concept of not only spending the time doing these fun activities with your little one, but also focusing on teaching the little ones while doing these fun activities and crafts.  Additionally, not only is this fun for the little ones, but Crafter’s Crate is excellent for the whole family! I think I had more fun at times that our little one.

Promo Code: Right now Crafter’s Crate is offering $10 off your first box using Promo Code TICKLE at checkout.

What do you think of Crafter’s Crate? If you would like to see April Crafter’s Crate Box, you can HERE. And if you would like to learn more about Crafter’s Crate or, better yet, get one of these great boxes for your little one, you can HERE.

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* I did receive this box for review purposes. However, all of my opinions and reviews are expressly and solely my own. I only review products and post about products that fit my personal style

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