Monday, May 20, 2013

May Birchbox Review

I love the weekends that I get to spend quality time with my wonderful fiance'. I took a couple days off from blogging this last weekend, since I actually had the weekend off with no promotional events. It has been a rare occurance that I have been able to spend quality time with my loved ones, as well as get some stuff done around the house. However, I thought I would start the new week off with a little post showing you what I got in my May Birchbox this month. 

Birchbox Cost $10 per month and is a great monthly box that features beauty finds, and sometimes some extra special lifestyle/home samples. What makes Birchbox a bit different than other boxes is that you never know what box you are going to get in each box. It usually takes me a little longer to get my box versus some others, so I get the chance to see online what other people get in their boxes before mine comes. This month I thought I got one of the better boxes that being said though,  I really have not really seen many box online that I would not have enjoyed getting above another. 



I was so excited to find this in my May Birchbox, as I have heard the best things about Marvis. This toothpaste is an Italian import toothpaste that is said to have invigorating peppermint flavor. I have received a couple toothpastes in boxes this month, but I am most excited to try this Marvis brand out. Who knew that I would be so excited about toothpaste, haha!

with Oat Milk

I have been on the look out for a great dry shampoo, as there are just those days when you do not have the time to wash your hair or you just want to sleep in. I have heard so many great things about the Klorane brand, and I can see why now. It is by fair the best dry shampoo I have used lately, and it smells great! 

COOLA CLASSIC FACE SPF Cucumber Moisturizer 

I tend not to use SPF, however, as I get older I am leaning more towards being safer with my skin. This is a mineral sunblock that is infused with anti-aging ingredients. I will applaud at any face moisturizer that will help with anti-aging  Great new product to add to my Birchbox, and perfect for summer months coming up.


I love getting eye liner any box. This was the perfect color for me, black, and I will get great use out of this eye liner. What I like best about this eye liner is that it glides on very nicely on the eye, and looks great on!


I had seen that some Birchboxes had this pen included and some did not include this pen. I was pleased to see this in my Birchbox this month though, and I love trying out new pens. I can really use this for work, which make me happy. What I like about this pen, is that it is like a gel pen without the smudge. I have swayed away from the Gel pens because I rather not wear the ink on my hand. I am excited to give this Acroball pen a try! This pen will go to some great use at work!

Overall I always love my Birchbox each month, and cannot wait to try out the products that I have never heard of or have not tried before. If you are interested in seeing what was included in past month's Birchboxes you can see HERE or HERE. And if you are interested in signing up for Birchbox you can HERE

How did you like your Birchbox this month? What was your favorite item?

Until next time...

Stay Tickled Pink,


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