Friday, May 17, 2013

New Subscription Box Debut- The Bride Box. Coupon and Giveaway

Many who read my blog might not know, but I just recently got engaged.  So exciting, and this box I am going to share with you came out in just the knick of time. Right around the time I got engaged I started my blog and getting into the wide variety of subscription boxes.  One box that I had not seen curated was a box focused on anything wedding. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found The Bride Box.

The Bride Box is an exciting, well needed, subscription box that shares great gift, treats and ideas to help gals/ the Bride –To-Be (or Groom, if he is in on the planning as well...It is his wedding too.) on the way to THE BIG day, the wedding day. I personally am already loving this box so much. It is perfect inspiration to help on my way to planning my big day. I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to experience this box and share it with you.

Now on to The Bride Box, without further ado, the first


Whimsical Burlap Banner-$35

I am loving all the ideas I have seen while navigating the web, pinterest, etc. that have anything to do with banners. I think there are so many different ways you can decorate a wedding, however, the banner seems to be a hit lately.  Not only is this Burlap Banner wonderful, but… you could use this in so many ways.  My first thoughts were this would be perfect for engagement photos, or a photo shoot for Save the Dates, or decoration at a  Bridal shower… The Bride Box exclusively custom made these wonderful banners, and they can be purchased on their website. The Bride Box also makes these wonderful banners in “ MR & MRS” as well.

"I Do" Rhinestone Shoe Stickers- $8

I was not sure what these were at first, but after looking at the information sheet I thought it was such a creative idea. As a woman I have done my fair share of picking out what my dream wedding would look like, pinteresting ideas, etc… (I am sure I am not the only one out there, I see your pinterest boards, haha). However, I have not seen this “ I Do” sticker idea. Not only would these be cute on the shoes, but it would be cute on a Tote Bag,  maybe a T-shirt. I am  not sure how sticky they are but I could see many possibilities for these stickers. And… they are blue, so if you put them on your shoes on the Big day, there is your something blue for your wedding. So cute. I love it!

These too are a The Bride Box exclusive, and they have “ Me Too” stickers for the groom! The Bride Box also offered 20% off the second pair using promo code METOOMAY at checkout!!

Noell Desiree “Mrs” Necklace- $45

Can I just say WOW!  I was so amazed to see such a wonderful piece of jewelry in The Bride Box’s first box. This dainty and perfectly cute necklace is made out of sterling silver and features a Swarovski Crystal. This Noell Desiree necklaces just wowed me. Best of all, and now I am getting super excited, you can custom order at The Bride Box or with Noell Desiree these necklaces to say your bridesmaids or whomever you would like names. What a great gift idea!  I know I am not married yet, but I have already worn my necklace, it was just too pretty to stay in the box!

Chocolate Lip and Mustache-$7

There is something  fun and great about lips and mustaches. I have seen lips and mustaches on everything lately, they are quite the hit.  And what a fun idea to make chocolate lips and mustaches. And... not only can you play with them, you get to eat them as well. These great little treats come from Teresa  Marie Designs, and the chocolate treats can come in other  shapes as well.

Guinot Gental Exfoliating Face Cream

You know you have to look your best on your wedding day, and your skin needs to be glowing. The Bride Box knows that, and has also provided a great little sample of this cream. I could not find much about it on The Bride Box website, but this cream is great to get rid of dead skin and also to moisturizes!  A wonderful addition to The Bride Box!


The Bride Box is there for us gals (or guys) planning out every aspect of getting married, and with the technology today The Bride Box also featured this great Wedding Party App for your phone.  I think having peole share their candid pictures during a wedding and at the reception is great, and rather than seek everyone out after your get back from your honeymoon; how convenient that the pictures are all in one spot. I am loving this idea!

Last The Bride Box also included a wonderful monthly planner, " My Wedding Countdown"... I think this is a great finishing touch to this amazing Bride Box!

I cannot wait to see more of The Bride Box in months to come, as I really appreciate the inspiration and help planning my wedding. It is like having a little wedding planner in a box!!!

If you are interested in signing up for The Bride Box the cost is $35 per month. However, the items in this amazing 
box far exceed how much you pay for the box itself. And you cannot beat the quality of the items. I am truly impressed. If you are interesting in signing up, learning more, or purchasing some of their great products, like the cute Whimsical Burlap Banner, you can HERE. Also Please use REFERFRIENDS and get $5 off your first box!

And Now a great little addition to the debut of The Bride Box... a GIVEAWAY. Use the gadget below and the lucky winner will get one their own set of " I Do" Rhinestone Stickers!

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  1. The necklace is lovely, congratulations on the engagement!

  2. This box looks lovely, one of my friends recently got engaged, this would be a great gift for her! Congratulations on your engagement :)