Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Beauty Subscription Boxycharm Revealed

I was so surprised to receive Boxycharm yesterday after I got off work. I had got the shipping confirmation e-mail yesterday , so I thought it would be another day or so before it arrived. However, when I checked my mail there it was. Exciting! You would think I was a kid in a candy shop when it came to getting boxes in the mail, especially when they are as great as this one.

The details are great on this box. I love the "Thank you" charm

What is Boxy Charm?
Boxycharm is a new subscription that officially launches on June 1st, and I am very pleased to say this box is one to be excited about. Boxycharm is a monthly subscription that brings great beauty products to you. I think Boxycharm can explain their box best:

“BOXYCHARM  is an online beauty subscription that surprises you each month with name-brand beauty essentials. Our goal is to enhance your current cosmetic collection by delivering trendy and popular beauty items right to your front door. Our beauty experts have years of experience in the health and beauty industry and are dedicated to selecting the essentials that they know you will love. Each month, you will receive a beautifully crafted box with 5-6 FULL SIZE beauty items. We remain updated with the latest beauty trends to assure that we select only the best in nail care, hair products, skin care, and cosmetics to best suit your beauty needs.

Each box comes with an Introduction Card and a card explaining the them.
Loving the Spring Flowers on the cards.

Each monthly box only costs $21 per month or $60 for a 3 month subscription. Not too bad at all, as you will see, for what a wonderfully curated box this is.


Before I reveal this fantastic box, I need to warn you that the rest of this post may be a SPOILER, as I think each box from Boxycharm may be the same each month.


This is a great color and will look great alone or over another lipstick. This lip gloss also does a great job at nourish those lips, as it is made with honey nectar. I really love Maybelline, and have a few of their lipsticks already. And this lip gloss is full size! Cost $6.50

I really do like these nail polish strips. I do not use them very often, as I have so many different nail polishes, and like to change colors so often. These nail polish strips are made out of real nail polish, are easy to get on, and really do last longer than regular nail polish. Cost $8

I love Maybelline Eye Shadow duos, trios etc. They really are great shadows. I have been loving the pink tones coming out this season, so I was really excited to see these colors in my Boxycharm. Boxycharm is definitely charming me! Cost $9

I have wanted to give this lipstick a try, and thus comes Boxycharm.  Also,  I was so excited to see the color. Rosetto is such a pretty color and the perfect pink for the summer. It was hard to find this online, however I found another Rimmel by Kate color, Cost $11

This is a powder-gel blush that is said to go on like powder and last all day. I really like the Coffee Cake powder’s color, and think Boxycharm picked this color out just for me.  I love a good natural blush for summer. Cost $6.50

I just love any box that tops everything off with some nail polish, and I am loving this vibrant fun hot pink. I am a big fan of bright toes, so I think this will be my next pedicure polish change. Cost $4.50

While I love getting any and all eye liners in any of my monthly subscription boxes, especially when it is full size, I have never used an emerald eye liner. I will definitely give it a try though,  since emerald is the color of the year, and a shade of my favorite color, Green. Cost $10

 I was most excited about this little addition in the Boxycharm box. I have heard great things about Essense of Beauty brushes, and love getting brushes! You can never have too many makeup brushes. Best of all I like that the brushes come in a great organizational pack. I could only find the 6 pack of these type of brushes, and I estimated the Cost $7


Just to top it off,  Boxycharm added something to keep all these great beauty treats inside, a beauty bag. This beauty bag is great; It is made very well; It looks to be water resident and easy to clean off, and it is black, which I love. I found a larger makeup bag on the Mary Kay website for $30, so I figure this would around $10.

 I think Boxycharm has just done a fantastic, over-the -top, job on their first grand opening box. The theme of this first box is Spring  into Color, and it was definitely prominent all throughout the box. All the items fit together perfectly. Best of all,  Boxycharm included about $73 worth of FULL SIZE products into this beauty box. Wow! And a monthly subscription only costs $21, and you get all these great beauty items in Boxycharm.  I love trying new beauty items, so I will sticking around to see what is in the future for Boxycharm.

What do you think of Boxycharm? Will you be signing up for this great box? If you are interested in learning more or to sign up, you can visit the Boxycharm website HERE.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


*I did receive this box for review purposes. However, all of my opinions and reviews are expressly and solely my own. I only review products and post about products that fit my personal style


  1. What a great box. It seems like a really good value, but because I buy so much drugstore make up, I'd be afraid of getting duplicates.

  2. Mine came today! I got a couple different things, a Rimmel eyeshadow with blue/purple/pink, and a lighter pink polish. I think it's well worth the full-size, otherwise I can't validate $21 for drugstore stuff that I might not buy anyway. But I needed blush and lipstick, so I'm stoked!


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  4. where are you buying essie nail polish for $4.50??

    1. Samantha I found this specific Essie polish for $4.50 through Amazon.

    2. Samantha I found this specific Essie polish for $4.50 through Amazon.