Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unruly Toddler Hair? Twistbands to the Rescue

I have to share with you for this week's Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday, something that has  nothing to actually do with my health, eating, recipes or anything like that. But I want to share a little something that is a big help in our household on a daily basis Twistbands . You probably are wondering why Twistband is in my Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday, well  let me tell you.

Right now our little one's hair is just so wild,  gets in her face,  and has been a mop for anything and everything from spaghetti to Playdough. The solution is obvious, keep it up! Thus, Twistbands! . I have found that these Twistbands are the perfect hair tie. They are quick to get around the hair, they are nice for larger fingers (daddy fingers), and they look pretty as well.  So we have a no fuss hair tie, which results in no tears, no upset toddler, no goop in unruly hair,  which means happy grown-ups! 

We got these Twistbands in a pack that we bought from LivingSocial, and I had a gift card for $10, so we got them for free.  On the Twistband's website the pack of 12 costs $22. Here is the pack that we got, and boy are they great! I will never get anything else for our little one. 


A great investment.   I would recommend these to anyone out there who has a toddler with unruly hair, especially when that toddler does not like her hair to be put up, haha. Hope you enjoyed my Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday post! And...

Thank you Twistbands! 

If you would like to purchase Twistbands for yourself or your little one, you can HERE.

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