Friday, May 3, 2013

New Subscription Bonjour Jolie

I wanted to take the time to introduce this new Women Time of the Month subscription service. Bonjour Jolie. Don't you just love the name of it? I think it is quite catchy. 

Bonjour Jolie was started with a mother and a daughter. There is a wonderful story on how this box was created. 

"When my oldest daughter got her first period I wanted her to feel special, so I gave her a present: a bag of pads and liners along with bubble bath, lotion, lip gloss, nail polish and perfume. To further support this coming-of-age moment, her father got her a bag of sugar-free chocolates and ice cream!
 Although she wasn't really happy to get her period, she was really excited with her presents. She spent the rest of the day doing her nails, putting lotion and perfume on, trying out the lip gloss -- and eating chocolates, of course. She said it was like going to the spa. Instead of feeling as if something bad or unpleasant had happened, these gifts and attention helped her see the day as a pampering treat. She said it was as if getting her period was an amazing thing. And it is!
 We continue to get her a bag of presents on her period every month. I know that being a woman is hard enough, and having to surf the crimson wave each month certainly doesn't make it any easier. She stills dreads her period, but she says the presents make it a lot better. Would something special make that time of the month easier for you and your teen too?
 My daughter told me that all women should get a present every month on their period because they deserved to be spoiled and pampered just like she is. From that simple idea -- the idea that we all deserve something special in our lives -- came Bonjour Jolie."

These wonderful ladies have created a premium subscription  so that women can be pampered during a women's time of the month. And, it not only contains monthly feminine products, but also a mixture of other little treats like bath and body items, chocolate, tea and more. I cannot wait to give it a try. 

How does Bonjour Jolie work? You first set your preference on the Bonjour Jolie website  you then are able to pick 30 products: Pads, tampons, liners, any brand and any size. Bonjour Jolie also has a box designed just for teenagers as well. So if you have a young one, this would be a perfect little treat. Last everything is shipped right to your door. All for only $16 per month. So convenient and easy!

Will you be singing up for Bonjour Jolie?

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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