Monday, May 6, 2013

Julep Spring Mystery Box Unboxing

It has been hard to sit inside at the computer this week, as it is absolutely beautiful in the Seattle area right now. And although Seattle is known for its rainy weather, many people do not get to experience how beautiful it is here when the sun is shining. So when it is nice out here in the Pacific Northwest, all you want to do is take advantage of it. Along with the surprise of the nice weather, I got a surprise in the mail My Julep Spring Mystery Box.

(Unfortunately, no, I did not win the I-Pad Mini)

4 polishes, all of which I do not have yet:

Niecy- A nice bold hot pinkcolor (Bombshell) Very good color for the summer;

Mindy- A very light pink /sheer color, almost looks like Jennifer to me.  (American Beauty)

Sienna- A metallic goldish/light bronze color. Very natural, put still pops.

Cindy- A beautiful bright green with some great shimmer. I have been waiting to get a beautiful green color, and this was perfect. (Bombshell)

Other items:

Pomegranate Body Crème- Will go perect with the Pomegranate BodyScrub I got in the last Mysery Box.

Rock Star Hand Crème- sample size.

Overall I am impressed that I have no received on duplicate item, and I have gotten all mystery boxes since Valentine’s Day.  I also enjoy any Julep products that come my way. The only con that I can point out, is that I do feel Julep is starting to hold back on what they include in their Mystery Boxes, and have increased the price from $19.99 back in February to the current mystery box price of $24.99.  I do not like to complain, but I am just pointing out what I have noticed.  

Did you get Julep Spring Mystery Box this time? What neat treats and colors did you get.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. I have sienna, love it
    I also have niecy, the formula for mine was super duper thick
    and I totally want cindy now, so pretty!

    1. Cindy was by far my favorite out the box! So pretty.