Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday- Quick Fix Chicken and Steak Stirfry

This week for my Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday, I am sharing another quick and healthy recipe that has become a hit at my house. One thing that I deal with in my home, is that I have some tummies that are very very particular about what they eat, especially with veggies.  I also like to have a follow up plan for leftovers like chicken or steak, that were cooked the night before. I have found that this Stirfry recipe is perfect because it works well with any type of veggie or meat, it is healthy, very quick, and is perfect for leftover meat. This Stirfry recipe I call Quick Fix Chicken and Steak. (Very unique, I know!)

Step 1: 

Lemon juice to taste
1 Part Sweet Hot Mustard

I like to use Less Salt Soy Sauce, as soy sauce is so salty.  This helps   improve the healthiness of the recipe.  I then add in the Sweet Hot Mustard and mix together. Then, squeeze fresh lemon juice. I like to taste as I go, and add any ingredient I feel needs more according to taste.

Step 2: Chop up the leftover chicken breast and sirloin steak.

Step 3: Chop up any veggies that you like to add to Stirfry. I like to use Snow Peas; Celery; Carrots and Broccoli.

Step 4: Prepare cold bath for Veggies. This is for blanching the veggies.

Step 5: Add chopped up meat and sauce into pan. I like to cook at medium heat, so that I have time to blanch my veggies. I do not add any butter or oil on pan, nothing sticks to pan at all in this recipe.  I try not to add the added fat if I can avoid it.

Step 6: About 5 minutes into cooking meat (actually just reheating and allowing for some absorbing of the sauce into the meat), I then will add all my chopped up veggies to boiling water.

Step 7:  I allow the veggies to cook for 5 minutes, and then quickly plunge all my veggies into my cold bath. This stops them from cooking, and makes the veggies the perfect consistency; not too hard and not to soft or soggy.

Step 8: I then add the veggies to the meat and sauce mix. I allow the stirfry to simmer all together for about 10 minutes or until hot.  I do not like to cook the veggies more than I have to , as it makes them soggy, so I add them to the meat mixture at the last moment.

And then ENJOY!

In my house my other half likes rice, so we always have some ready. In our white or brown rice we add some frozen veggie mix to the steamer after cooking, and then mix together. This is very good. I try harder to stay away from rice.

I hope you enjoyed my Tip Top Tidbit Tuesday recipe.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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