Monday, May 13, 2013

I-Ella The List Starter Bag Review

I was really excited and pumped to receive my second I-Ella The List Box. I again went with the Starter Bag. The starter Bag costs $59,  and another $10 for shipping. However, I am quickly finding this to be my favorite subscription box to receive each month.

The other I-Ella Options are the Soho Bag for $129 and the St. Barth’s Bag for $389.

While, I really really enjoyed this month’s bag, I was really sad to see that I did not get any clothing. Additionally, the value of my bag, while still double what I paid for it, was less than what my first bag was worth.

May Starter Bag

Olivella Facial Cleansing Cloths

I have already been using these, and I really like them.  I have never seen olive oil being used in any of my other facial cleansers, but, they are working great!

Herban Essentials Towelettes

In this bag I received the Lemon Towelettes and the Pet Towelettes. I am loving the lemon scent of these towelettes, and they are perfect for my purse or for a road trip.  Now that I have finally tried these out, I am really disappointed I never received my lavender towelettes from last month, as I love lavender. If the lavender are as great as these lemon towelettes than I think I am missing out.  Has anyone tried the Lavender towelettes yet?

S.W. Basics of Brooklynn Cleanser

I loved the lip balm I received in my last bag, and this cleanser is just as great. This is made with tea tree oil, yet is not overpowering, which I love. I used it the other day, and it takes off my makeup great, and feels good on the skin.

BIKO Necklace

My favorite piece of jewelry to wear on a normal basis are necklaces, so I really enjoyed this piece from BIKO. I really love the unique hardware style of this necklace, and think it is a great piece to add to my collection of jewelry. I also love the inspiration it has given me to make some of my own jewelry. Excellent addition to my Starter Bag.

Overall  May’s I-Ella The List Starter Bag was great. I received $123 worth of products, and only paid, with shipping, $69. I cannot wait to see what is to come for I-Ella The List, and for months to come.

What do you think of I-Ella The List? If you are interested in signing up, and getting on The List, you can find out more information HERE. And if you would like to see my Starter Bag from last month, you can HERE.

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