Monday, April 15, 2013

I-Ella the List- Starter Bag Review

I have had this box for a while now, but I was waiting to get an item that was left out before I reviewed it. Unfortunately, that item has not arrived yet, and I cannot wait any longer to share with you my I-Ella The List Starter Bag that I received at the end of March. 

If you have not heard about I-Ella The List subscription bag you can check out more HERE or HERE.

The I-Ella The List Starter Bag that I received:

S.W. Basic of Brooklyn Cinnamon Lip Balm- $4.00
This is a great lip balm, and best yet it is eco-chic, smells great, and affordable. The Cinnamon Lip Balm is made out of only 5 ingredients ( cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax. Cinnamon, cardamom; and essential oils). This went on smooth, and worked great at moisturizing my lips.

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss in Siouxsie- $21
This lip gloss is a favorite from Rachel Zoe, Eva Mendes, and  Lady Gaga. Already sounds like it is a hit. The color of this lip gloss is a bright red, which I just love. Best yet it would look perfect with the dress that I received in my Starter Bag.

And now to the best item THE DRESS

Sam & Lavi Metallic Lace Dress- $180

In one word, Amazing. This dress fit my style to the tee.  I love the color black first of all, and the detail on this dress was impeccable.  The dress is made out of a sheer gold floral lace on top, which was feminine, sophisticated, and absolutely beautiful.  The pictures of this dress just does not give it justice at all.  And, it fit perfectly!

A little detail about Sam + Lavi,  it is a LA based brand that is very popular in Hollywood right now with starts like Kim Kardasian. This company is known to stay low profile however, and many have not heard of it, Now that I have I want more from Sam & Lavi!

As I said, I was supposed to also receive Herban Essential Lavender Towelettes
($3), but they were not included in my box. I talked to Ella, and she said she would send some to me, so no worries. I just hope that they reach me soon.

Overall, this box was just amazing. This was my one splurge box during March, and I would have to say it was well worth it. The I-Ella The List Starter Bag cost $59 with $10 shipping cost, so $69 total. In all I received $205(did not include the Lavender Towelettes) worth of products. Products of which, were just outstanding! I am thoroughly impressed by the I-Ella The List Starter Bag!

Until next time,
Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. Replies
    1. It fit my style perfectly. I cannot wait to wear it!

  2. Love the dress! Have you gotten a May/June Starter bag yet? I just got mine and was less than excited...

    1. I know it is one of my favorites now! I have not got mine for this month yet.