Monday, April 1, 2013

Fab Fit Fun VIP is Fantastic

I just could not help myself with another descriptive F wordhaha. So much fun, and so fitting! I have been a little behind in my reviews this month. It seems that all my boxes came at the same time.  Fab Fit Fun VIP is by the E-girl Guiliana Ranic, and it did not disappoint, and one of my favorite boxes recently. The only thing that is a bummer with this box is that it is only quarterly.

And now the reveal...


Morroccan Oil

It seems that hair oil is very popular right now. I am not complaining though, because I think it is great and am a big fan. This Moroccan oil is FULL SIZE and perfect to put that little extra into your hair. A perfect addition to the hair for spring weather.

Jewel Mint Jewels
I have not seen very many boxes with the wonderful jewels that I received in my box. To be honest, I would not pick out the pieces for myself, but I am always a big fan of any piece of jewelry. Here are the three pieces I received. (Names  of pieces of jewelry are my own because I couldn’t find then on the Jewelmint website.)

1)Yellow statement earrings

These were my favorite out of the three, and I have already worn them a couple times. Cannot go wrong with some statement earrings.

2) Aztec dangle earrings

These are a little different. However, I have a couple outfits I have already thought  these earrings would look good with. And they are silver, so I think they would match quite a lot.

3) Chrome Glowing Green Ring

I do not buy rings often, but I do love the color green. I am sure I will find something to wear this with.

Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya partnered with Fab fit fun for this fabulous spring color, FABFITFUN Fuchsia. I love it, and cannot wait to wear it for spring and summer. I do think it will look wonderful on those toes during the summer months!

Per-fekt Brow perfection gel

This was a little different, and I never really put anything on my eyebrows. This gel was in carmel, and a little light for my dark eyebrows.  However, I might be able to find someone to try it out for me though.

Jouer Lip Gloss

A lady can never have too many lip glosses. This Jouer Lip gloss is in Coral Glisten. It has a great shimmer, and creates a perfect shine, while still hydrating with shea butter, jojoba oil and pomegranate seed oil. I am a big fan on Jouer, so was very excited to see this in the box.

No box is complete without a little treat

Think Think Bar

I think Fab Fit Fun read my mind when they added this to this box, I love peanut butter, and am on a “looking for good healthy food” kick. I have not tasted this yet,but it sounds and looks delish.

Overall I must say, “I want more, if we like it we want more.” If you have not idea what I am talking about you have to watch this commercial HERE for AT&T, so funny.  I would have loved to try some items in other Fabfitfun boxes that I have seen, like the teeth whitener, but I am cannot complain as this Fabfitfun box is well worth the money. Each box is $49.99, however, you can sometimes find promos, like I was able to do, and get $10.00 off.  Great deal.

I cannot wait for the next Fabfitfun box to come out. I am already thinking of all the possibilities. If you want more information on FabFitFun click HERE.

Until Next time
Stay Tickled Pink

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