Friday, April 19, 2013

Misto Box Coffee Adventures and GIVEAWAY

It has taken me a couple days to post this review on the new Misto Box, because, I was too busy enjoying all my lovely coffee I received.  I  feel like I was on a coffee adventure.

I really must say this unique box was a long time coming.  As a Seattleite, you know I love my coffee, and this box is perfect.

What is Misto Box?

My intro probably has cued you in that Misto Box is a fairly new and awesome  box curated by some amazinge entrepreneurs who decided that “truly amazing coffee shouldn’t be a pain”.  I totally agree with that. Honestly,  there is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee.  Each month you get sent  4 different brands of  coffee shipped right to your door. (Note you should invest in a coffee grinder as these are coffee beans being shipped). 

Cost: $ 15 per month

April Misto Box

Please remember while I do love coffee, I am not an expert on the subject. I know there are some very passionate reviewers and aficionados of coffee out there and I do want to give anyone the wrong opinion that I know exactly what I am talking about. However, I am just giving my everyday Tickled Pink opinion.

Klatch: Guatemala Genuine Antigua Covadonga

This is said to make you “feel like a kid at Christmas”. When I first read that I was instantly excited. Who does not get excited about Christmas. After brewing this coffee,  I would have to say that this is my favorite. It had in my opinion a very classy taste, bold, and loved the hint of caramel.

Ceremony Coffee: Rwanda Gitesi

This was a very interesting cup of coffee.  The smell opening up the bag was so good,  I could have sat there and smelled it all day (I like the smell of coffee).  I thought the taste was very pleasant, and bold.

Verve: El Salvador La  Palma

This was said to have notes of papaya and starfruit with a lasting finish. In my opinion this was a great mild/medium coffee, and great to start the morning with.  I do not have coffee terms to explain, but the taste seem to last, and to get me through the morning better than any normal cup of coffee.

Augie’s Coffee: El Salvador Santa Julia

This coffee was described from Misto Box as having notes of pink Lady Apple, sweet fruits, and creamy finish. I thought like the Verve coffee this was just a very light coffee , and perfect for the morning for me.  There is just something about a good cup of coffee that makes your day start of good!

Misto Box also provided in the Box this great little booklet about each coffee included, very informative.  I think that this was a great touch. 

Overall, I am very pleased with Misto Box. I think that the coffee, after tasting, researching ,and reading about different coffee companies online,  will never be the same to me. I never know how many different varieties of coffee there are. I am glad to have been given the chance to branch out and try something different and new, like coffee from Rwanda.

While Misto Box is a great box for myself, I think that Misto Box would be a perfect gift subscription as well.  And what better time to try Misto Box out for yourself or a friend or family member, than. right now.. Get your first Misto Box for $5 with Promo Code  BOX5

And now the exciting news  Misto Box has been so generous and is giving one of my readers 1 month free.  Just use the raffle gadget below and enter now:
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Let me know what you think of Misto Box, and share with me your coffee adventures.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,
* I did receive my first Misto Box free for review on my blog. However, all of my opinions and reviews are expressly and solely my own. I only review products and post about products that fit my personal style


  1. I'm not a coffee drinker, but my sister is. This would be a great gift for her.

  2. I'm not a coffee fanatic, but my parents love it!

  3. I cannot wake up in the morning until I have had my coffee.I have A Keurig Vue,A mini Keurig,A Four Cup Krups and a French Press..I would love to try this coffee ..!

    1. Oh I love Keurig as well. I have a Keurig Vue too. Have you tried the Vanilla Latte, delish. You know I was going to do a drawing for Keurig Vue Packs, but no one seemed interested. I am a brand ambassador for Keurig part time. If you would like some sample coffee let me know,and I would be more than happy to send you some! Never a problem for a fellow coffee lover!!!

  4. I cannot start my morning without coffee lol. I usually use my Keurig too. French vanilla or hazelnut is my favorite.

  5. I love coffee!! I have a Kuerig, but would love to try this. How do you become a brand ambassador? That sounds awesome for coffee lovers!

  6. Yes, coffee in the morning with just a little cream.