Monday, April 1, 2013

My Cotton Bunny Review

This is my first time of the month box,T.O.M, as I will put it from now on. My Cotton Bunny has two different options the BFF Bundle or the Tealight Bundle. When I was reviewing the site today it looked like the Tealight bundle was sold out. 

My April BFF My Cotton Bunny

 What is My Cotton Bunny?

My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle. You also get your choice of T.O.M products fit your style  best: Kotex, Tampax, Always, Playtex, or o.b.It is nice to just have your T.O.M products sent to you, so are not making a mad dash to the store because you have forgotten to pick up your T.O.M products. On this concept alone I am sold.

Best yet, I will have to say My Cotton Bunny, is one of the most affordable T.O.M boxes out right now. The cost per month is $13.75, with free shipping, and extra goodies.


Earth Lux, made exclusively for My Cotton Bunny, PMS Buster Lip Balm

My favorite part of this box, other than getting my T.OM. products, was this lip balm. This PMS Buster lip balm is made from clary sage, fennel, carrot seed, lavender, marjoram, mugwort and rosewood. Yes, very earthy. I immediately took a liking to it, and used it all weekend long.   I will most certainly will be taking a little glance over at, especially because with the My Cotton Bunny box Earth Lux provided a 10% off code on a purchase at their store.

Sweet Tooth Deliciousness

The chocolate is always a great addition to any box. Unfortunately my box  sat in the mailbox on the only hot day there has been lately, so my Peppermint Patty was melted. I put it in the freezer, so I could add it to a bowl of ice cream or milkshake. The other piece of chocolate was so gourmet, and looks so good. 

BFF Bling

And last the Rhinestone friendship bracelet. Such a nice little touch to the BFF My Cotton Bunny box, and so fitting. I love the bracelet, and think it will be perfect for summer. 

Overall, I am very impressed with this BFF My Cotton Bunny box.  The box is not over priced, and each box is well worth the price . I give the My Cotton Bunny an A+ for curating such a unique box.  If you are interested in learning more about or subscribing to My Cotton Bunny you can find more information HERE.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,

*I did obtain My Cotton Bunny Box to review, so my box was free. However my opinions are my own, and are not reflective of anything or anyone other than my own review of the box, I always give my honest opinions of boxes. 

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