Tuesday, April 30, 2013

RealBeanz the Brooklyn in a Bottle has visited Seattle

 I have to tell you a little bit about a recent delicious product that I had the chance to try. REALBEANZ.  Right away I have to tell you that this is the best coffee drink I have had, and I am in Seattle, where no Seattlelite goes without their daily caffeine intake, usually in the form of a cup of coffee.  So you would think I would not be liking a brand of coffee made all the way in Brooklyn, New York.  However, RealBeanz has officially won me over. 

 I have never really been into the big name brand retailer bought coffee drinks, because they were just loaded with calories and sugar. Quite the contrary though, RealBeaz, is not one of those brands at all. The only bad part is that it is impossible to find in Washington. The closest location to buy at a retailer is in Oregon, about  240 miles away. 

Needless to say, RealBeanz was very nice to send me a case to try. I had been wanting to try this talked about, tweeted about, intagramed about, RealBeanz drink for, FOREVER.  Why would you ask? Well, this leads me to the Bachelorette and Bachelor show.  I am an avid Bachelorette and Bachelor fan, and I watch every season. I have tended to keep up with some of the contests on their social media sites, and notice that a couple of my favorites from past seasons love RealBeanz.  One of the local Seattlelite Bachelor contestants, Lindzy Cox, tweeted about RealBeanz HERE, the sweetest Kacie Boguskie, and Graham Bunn did a great YouTube video about RealBeanz that you can see HERE and HERE, and Ms. OverAnalyst, herself,  Jenna Burke, tweets and instagrams her love for the drink often, and also works with RealBeanz. Thus, my intrigue into this drink I could find NO WHERE in Washington.

I was so excited to see this amazing box get to my home a couple weeks ago. Look how awesome the box is. Makes me want to move to New York, Brooklynn to be exact, right now.

I waited to post my review until I drank the very last one. I was trying to savor the goodness of Real Beanz to the very end. You can feel my sadness today, as I drink my last one! Haha.

Here are the flavors:

  • ENERGIZED Iced Cappuccino;

  • RESIST Iced Mocha;
  • RELAX Iced Vanilla Nut;

  • FOCUS Iced Caramel;
  • TRIM & FIT Diet Cappuccino; and


After reading the website and tasting the coffees,  I am thoroughly impressed with RealBeanz. Not only are each drink lower in calories, especially the Diet and Coconut Water drinks, but RealBeanz has made it these drinks to help get through the day. Each bottle of RealBeanz is infused with herbs , floral extracts and 100% natural ingredients that help utilize your lifestyle desire (Relaxing, Focusing, Energy, etc.) 

Energized Iced Cappuccino has Ginseng, which helps give you a boost; Pantotetic Acid, which helps burn calories in to energy; Vitamin B12, which helps metabolism; and more all infused into the drink to help energize you without leaving you crashing afterwards.

My favorite drinks, yes, I have two were the Diet Cappuccino and the  Refresh Cappuccino with Coconut Water.  (Only 70 calories per drink!!) However, they were all very tasty.

Overall, these drinks were a hit in my book. I appreciate that a company is making a coffee that is not just focused on giving out caffeine highs, but also helping to curate a great drink, while also keeping in mind the health of the consumers at the fore front as well.

Now I only wish, wish, wish, these were sold in Washington! Woe is me!  I am out of RealBeanz! Sad face!

If you are interested in RealBeanz or would like to find a retailer near you, or order online you can HERE.

Have you tried RealBeanz before, if so, let me know what you think?

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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