Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chic Shave New Subscription Review and GIVEAWAY

I would like to share with you this awesome new subscription Chic Shave. I must say I have not seen a subscription like this out there yet, and I think it is unique and is much needed. I am so very impressed with the product, the quality,  how quickly it arrived, and with the service I received from Chic Shave all together.

What is Chic Shave?

Well, we all have our shaving needs, unless you are very lucky and have had the hair removal surgery. And I hope everyone knows how important it is to replace your razors quite often.  Chic Shave subscription service is so great, because they deliver you razors to you each month, and for a very great price.

Chic Shave has three different options to choose from before your start:

5 Comfort Coated Blades

Enhanced Aloe, Vitmaine E & Botanical Oil lubricating halo surrounds the entire razor for a luxurious clean shave

Flexible pivoting head for those hard to reach areas

Secure rubber grip for maximum holding comfort & control

Two cartridges per month

Triple Flow Through Blades

Three Anti-Drag blades glide across your skin to give an exceptionally close & comfortable shave every time

Botanical moisture lubricating strip with Vitamin E & Aloe moisturizer for ultra soft skin

Soft rubber grip for confident handling & control

Two cartridges per month

The perfect razor for the Woman who shaves with her man's have your own

3 Titanium coated Anti-Drag blades for a superior close & ultra smooth shave

Vitamin E & Aloe lubricating strip for maximum skin protection

A Unique pivoting head shaves to the contours of your skin

Two Cartridges Per Month

Cost: $9 per month for 2 cartridges

I am  already a huge fan because, to be honest, I am the worst person to actually remember to buy razors when I am out shopping. I always kick myself in the butt when I get home, because who wants to shave with a dull razor. I love the fact that Chic Shave is send them directly to me, so I do not have to worry. This saves the time, and I can let Chic Shave do the work for me.

Last the cost savings through Chic Shave is awesome. Usually in any regular store, like Target, you can get a razor with only one cartridge for the same price as Chic Shave, if not more.  I am always a fan of saving money.

After using Chic Shave Pink Lady, I can see the difference between this razor and others. These razors are amazing! You do not even need shaving gel or cream, this Pink Lady razor really did give me the smoothest/cleanest shave, and great feel afterward.

If you too are like me and would like the convenience of these razors being sent to your door, or if you have a man in the house who has the same problem, check out Chic Shave HERE. Make sure to let Chic Shave know I referred you. 


Chic Shave is so Awesome they are giving away an amazing Chic Shave pack to one of my lucky readers. Check out gadget below to enter!

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Stay Tickled Pink,

*  I did receive this pack to for reviewing purposes. However, all opinions are expressely my own. I only blog and review products that fit my personal style.


  1. Perhaps some aftershave lotion.

  2. Gosh, thats a tough question. Honestly I would purchase something that had to do with teeth cleaning (that kind of sounds gross!) Like a toothbrush/gum/mint/floss kind of monthly box? I might be insane! :)