Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crafter's Crate Review And PROMO CODE

The first thing I would like to say is thank you Rachael at Crafters Crate for curating such a wonderful box for young girls. I would have thoroughly enjoyed, and would have spent hours myself with boxes like these when I was younger. Oh, what am I talking about; I thoroughly enjoyed this box now as an adult.  Our little one and I have only had this April Crafters Crate Box for a day, and we have already have had such a great time on two of the five project that we have tried so far.

What is Crafters Crate?

I think it best to tell you who is behind the Crafters Crate. Rachael is first a foremost a mother of a little girl, she is a blogger as well, and is the creator/founder/CEO of Crafters Crate.   After reading about her on the Crafters Crate website (HERE), you can see she is a passionate business woman, but also knows the importance of inspiring, teaching, motivating and influencing young girls.  With this inspiration, and her little girl at her side, she created Crafters Crate.  This box is perfect for young girls to discover and grow into more confident and creative people, and so much more. All while having a ton of fun as well. 

Each box that is shipped out each month costs $19.99, and comes with approximately 5 activity/crafts, which are focused on key learning ideals : science; craft, cook or activity.


As you can see our little one was immediately intrigued and interested by the pink elephant on the box. She loves animals so that does not surprise us at all. We immediately had to open it up and take a look. After taking some little bits of time here and there to get some pictures, we dug right in. This months theme was April Showers bring May Flowers, and the projects fit perfectly.

 I love that each activity/craft was well labeled, and had instructions. Yes, even though this is for kids, sometimes the adults may need a little 1, 2, 3 instruction as well. Each of the five kits also included tips and a list of supplies included, and other things supplies you need to complete the project with your young one.

Out of the five activities:

Magic Bubbles;
Hair Flower;
May Day Basket;
Pin Wheel; and

The first pick was Cup-O-Grass. The Crafters Crate even included the soil. I think a project like this is perfect for a young girl to learn responsibility of taking care of something. Yet, it also is an activity that allows a young one to learn the science behind how grass grows. As you can see we had quite a fun time decorating, planting, and watering our Cups-O-Grass. 

The next activity our little one was immediately drawn to was the Pin Wheel.  Like most the activities included in Crafters Crate, adult interaction and help was needed with this activity (cutting the paper). However, during the rest of the activity our little one was able to help with 100%.  Once we were finished putting the pinwheel together, she had by her side all afternoon long.  We were sad it was a yucky day out, but we were still able to get the wheel turning with some big breathes of our own air. Great indoor rainy day activity.

We have not had a chance to try out the other activities yet, but the Magic Bubbles will be a great activity for our little one, as she loves bubbles. We are excited to take this outside and play with the bubbles.  Side note, we have tons of bubbles left over from her birthday, and we are well equipped for this activity even though the kit came with soap to make our own bubbles.

Also looks like we have some cookie baking coming up soon, as there was a great Sugar Cookie recipe in the May Day Basket Kit. This will be a great little basket to hold on to throughout the years to remind us of the younger years, And;

The Hair Flower, I am so impressed  with all the kits in the Crafters Crate. However, this one I was so excited for. The Hair Flower kit came with all the tools to make a little headband for our little girl.  In each  Crafters Crate it includes a grown up sheet, which  give the grown ups ideas on how to tie in this activity in teaching your young girl about something. The Hair Flower kit will be a great way to teach our young one on being confident and boost her self image. We cannot wait to start this project.

Overall, I cannot give this box kudos enough. I would highly recommend Craters Crate, and I look forward to seeing more boxes in the months ahead. I know our little one cannot wait as well.  If you would like to check out Crafters Crate website and sign up you can do so HERE.

BONUS- Crafter's Crate is giving readers $10 off your first box using the Promo Code TICKLE at check out. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

* I did receive my first Crafters Crate free for review on my blog. However, all of my opinions and reviews are expressly and solely my own. I only review products and post about products that fit my personal style


  1. Oh awesome, if I had kids, I totally would subscribe for them :)

  2. This is definitely a nice mix of projects for girls! I have a 5-year old and I've been thinking of getting her a box "just for her" (as she sometimes likes things from my subs...).

    1. Mariana:
      Crafter's Crate just released their May box as well! Pretty in Pink! It looks great! You can check it out here!thecrate/cee5

      Or stay tuned for a blog post!