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Bringing the Clothes to You, A Stitch Fix Review

I recently came across Stitch Fix while browsing the net, and I just fell in love with the clothes I saw from other reviews of Stitch Fix, and from their sites. After more review,  I had to give it a try. I am always up for being around amazing and wonderfully stylish clothing, even if I might not be able to afford it. Haha. I am quite frugal with clothing at times. However, I have to say my first styling from Stich Fix, in particular,  from my stylist Jennifer, was just perfect!

What is Stitch Fix?

Each month you get sent a box full of about 5 items, which are picked out just for you by one of Stitch Fix's amazing stylists. Before the stylist picks your clothes, you do a little style quiz on their site, and based on my Stylist Letter included in my first Stitch Fix box, the stylist also will check out your other social networking sites that belong to you. Jennifer, my stylist, looked over my Pinterest board and my blog to get a better idea what my style is. I have to tell you Jennifer, my Stitch Fix Stylist, did and amazing job of getting my style perfectly!

After Stitch Fix sends you your box, you get 3 days to try on the clothes and make a decision on what pieces you would like to keep. For each piece that is included in your box there also is a styling card with it, to give you ideas on how to pair up the particular item with other clothing pieces. After letting Stitch Fix know the pieces you are going to keep, and then checking out online,  you then put the pieces you are going to return into the shipping envelope Stitch Fix provides, and send it back to Stitch Fix. The $20 styling fee that you pay each month, is also applied to any items that you decide to keep. And, if you keep all your pieces you get an additional discount.  

I must say what a great way to shop. I would love to have a Stylist pick out my clothes for me all the time.

Here is my first April Stitch Fix
(I have to apologize in advance for my amateur photos of myself. I did these all on my own. It is hard to take good pictures of yourself sometimes.)

19 Cooper Lyle Polka Dot Stripe Sheer Tank- $58

Even though I really liked this piece, and thought it was really cute, this is the only piece I would have not picked out for myself. I thought after trying it on, it looked good on, but I wasn’t sure about the orange color. The size and fit was perfect, and I really like the tank top style. It would be a great tank for summer or (like I paired it up with) a pencil skirt, I would have just picked a different color.

Sweet Rain Isaiah Pleated Skater Dress- $58

I really liked the color of this dress, and think it would be perfect for work paired up with a nice blazer and some heels.

Honey Punk Catie Printed Dress- $68

This was my favorite piece. I absolutely loved the design of the dress, and the fit of the dress was perfect. Additionally, I love pieces that I can style up for work or wear at an informal event as well, this dress was just the ticket! This was my style to the tee. I only wish I could have kept it. (My budget did not allow this month, dang tax month!)

Mystree Tristan Sheer Back Blouse-$58

I know it is not the craziest color out there, but I love black blouses. The color is so versatile, and a nice black blouse goes a long way, whether with a nice skirt or some jeans. The back lace brought it up a notice, and made it  so romantic and feminine, perfect for me.

And Last, 

Whats in Store Multi Chain Layered Short Necklace-$38

I really loved the color of this necklace, and the color  red to gold I really liked. This necklace will be perfect for Fourth of July as well. I have been really crazy about gold lately, so I was very pleased to see this necklace in my box. I did keep this jewelry piece for myself.

Overall, I am really pleased with Stitch Fix. I not only love the concept of this box, and how they are bringing the clothes to me, especially if you are a busy bee. I  also really like the feeling that Stitch Fix really does care and pay attention to their members. I have said this before, but I think companies that give members the feeling like they really care, goes a long long way. Also, two thumbs up, 10 stars to Jennifer for picking out such amazing items for me in this Stitch Fix! I cannot wait until my next Stitch Fix.

If you too are just too excited to get your Stitch Fix, you can learn more HERE. Bringing the clothes right to your door could not be any more fun and convenient!

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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