Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Rocking RocksBox Review

I am so very excited to share with you the latest box I received. I am a very big fan of accessorizing any outfit with jewelry, and so when I heard about RocksBox I was thrilled.   I was very lucky to win 1 free month from Laura over at Broke Beauty Blogger ( A great blog, check her out HERE or HERE) . I was so excited to win, I  never win anything, I immediately signed up with RocksBox!

What is Rocksbox?

RocksBox is like the Netflix of the jewelry world. Each month RocksBox sends you jewelry pieces that match your style (I will talk about this part too). And then you can keep the pieces for up to 60 days. After you are done experimenting and showcasing the stylish pieces RocksBox sends, you return them,  in the return envelope they provide, OR you can also buy the pieces as well. RocksBox members get 20% off all gift memberships as well.  Once  RocksBox gets the jewelry back they will send you another set of three jewelry pieces!!

Let me be completly honest RocksBox did an awesome job on my first box. I am so pleased with my selections.

My first RocksBox Revealed

Teal Semi-Precious Stone Long Pendant Necklace by Brace Yourself LA

This necklace was perfect with a nice black business outfit, and would be perfect for so many other outfits. I absolutely loved the turquoise stone, it just popped.  Since the retail price of this necklace is $143, and the member’s price is $114.40, I probably will be sending this one back. However, it is so nice to have this necklace around to add some pop to my daily outfits for the time being. Great pick RocksBox.

A little about Brace Yourself LA

 Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelet in Gold
by Urban Gem

This was my favorite piece in my RocksBox. Such a great piece, and so versatile; I could wear it every day (I have wore it two days in a row already, shhh, don't tell). I  usually do not spend too much on jewelry, but this bracelet is affordable. Retail price is $24, and member’s price is $19.20. Not too bad. At least I can think over the purchase for a little bit while I test the bracelet out!

A little about Urban Gem

Three Stone Drops in Pink Druzy 
by Margaret Elizabeth

I have not yet gotten the chance to wear these,. but I can see why Margaret Elizabeth is one of RocksBox’s featured designers. These earrings are spectacular. I cannot wait to wear them.  The earrnings are a great spring colors, and perfect to add a little to any outfit! Retail price of these earrings are $158, member’s price $126.40. I unfortunately never buy earrings for that much, so I am glad I can borrow them for a little bit, and feel a little more expensive than usual. 

A little about Margaret Elizabeth

Overall, I am so  very impressed with RocksBox. The jewelry that they sent was very well organized with my style, and the jewelry is exceptional quality. It is nice to see that RocksBox actually cares enough to look through the customer’s Style Profile.  Before a member signs up you go through RocksBox style profile and pick out pieces that you would wear, where you would wear them,  and what your style is most like (Boho,  Rocker, Glam, Romantic, etc.). It is obvious to me that  RocksBox is paying attention to its members.  That is awesome.  I will be giving RocksBox a try a little longer, as I already cannot wait for my next box!

If you would like to find out more information on RocksBox or sign up, check them out HERE!

 A little Instagram picture rocking my Rocksbox jewels 

Thank you again Laura over at Broke Beauty Blogger for the wonderful month of RocksBox FREE!! 

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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