Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pink Beryl Essentials for March

I have finally got to my Pink Beryl Essential review.  I have been pushing forward trying to show everyone all the great boxes out there that I have gotten during March.  Pink Beryl Essentials is one of my most favorite boxes to receive.   

If you are not familiar with Pink Beryl Essentials, it is a subscription service that cost $12 to $20 each month depending on which plan you pick, and then each month Pink Beryl Essential sends you great stylish and trendy tights.  You can find out more HERE or HERE.

My March Pink Beryl Essential tights


I can never have too many black tights. These are perfect for work.  Knowing me I will need them soon, as I tend to snag my tights quite often. I am very pleased with the quality of all the Pink Beryl tights I have received so far. Each pair of tights are made well, fit perfectly, and are exactly what I was wanting when I picked them out during my monthly selection time.


These pair of Kara tights are a little more trendy and stylish than I normally would buy at a store, but they looked so cute, I could not resist. I am sure they will look great on, as all my Pink Beryl tights have looked and felt great  on so far.

Here is a peak at a pair of tights from last month. (Chloe). These were so warm, perfect for the cold days we have around this area, and so cute on.  My fiance’ even said they looked very cute.

If you are interested in finding more information on Pink Beryl Essential you can look HERE.  Right now if you sign up with Pink Beryl Essentials you can get $5 off if you click HERE 

Until next time
Stay Tickled Pink,

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