Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Find... I-Ella

Was looking for some new boxes to subscribe to this week and came across I-Ella The List Gift Bag. I have seen some reviews online, and they include some extremely awesome products each month. However, it is a little pricey.

Here are the different gift bag options:

Starter Bag                      Soho Bag                    St. Barth's Bag
$59                                       $129                              $389

Yes, A little pricey. But, I was sucked in by a review I read on Mysubscriptionaddiction today HERE, and the products she received. I mean look at this  Billy Kirk Leather Tote, I love it!

I was curious if others have subscribed to I-Ella The List Gift Bag, and what is your impression of this monthly subscription ? Also, does the Billy Kirk Leather Tote come in the  I-Ella The List Gift Bag Starter Bag for $59? If so, I am 100% in.  Please share your thoughts or reviews!

Until next time...
Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. Nope, she bought the most expensive one $389! I've been searching for a review of the cheapest one and haven't found one. Let me know if u come across one.

    1. Well that is a bummer. $389 is way too expensive for me, unfortunately. However, I did give in and signed up for the cheapest one. With shipping it comes to $69, You will for sure be seeing a review of it when I get it, so stay tuned. Here's hoping it is some good items!