Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Graze kind of day

A great and nutritious way to start the week off was getting my Graze box today. Not to mention that I had, yet again, forgotten to bring a lunch. But leave it to Graze to save the day. 

Graze cost only $5.00 per week, and you get some pretty tasty nutritious treats each week.  You also can opt to have it delivered every other week, or skip a week all together. Graze is very accommodating . You can read more about Graze in my other post HERE.  

ALSO If you use my promo code MYMZQDZD you can also get your 1st week for FREE!

  • Boston Baguettes-

BBQ relish with tomato breadsticks
Only 84 calories per serving.

  • Little Figgy Went to the Market

diced figs, cranberries and apple
Only 95 calories and 1 serving of fruit!

  • Hot Cross Yum (*My favorite out of this box*)

sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused raisins
135 calories, and a good source of vitamins and minerals;

  • Poached Pear

pear, raisins, vanilla pumpkin seeds and lemon infused raisins
Only 106 calories, and again a good source of vitamins and minerals.

One more plus about Graze,  is if you do not like a treat they send in a box you receive you can rate it when you log on to your account. The rating system is either: “ Trash” it; want to “Try” it; “ Like” it;  or “Love” it. A good plus so you one of the treats received did not suit your taste buds.

Graze is a great option for those looking for a subscription service delivering healthy snacks, and good for someone on a more frugal budget. For only $5 a month, I am a big fan, and will continue to be a subscriber.  I give GRAZE a thumbs up! Check it out HERE.

Until next time

Stay Tickled Pink,
(Opinions of Graze are expressly my own, and I only promote products that fit my personal style.)


  1. You do realize it's actually $5 per week, and not per month?

    1. Yes, thank you for pointing it out. I have made the correction on my post.

  2. Hot Cross Yum is delish! Btw the invite code only gets new subscribers their 1st box free- the 1st & 5th boxes free was a special intro promotion.

  3. The code doesn't work any more! Bummer! I'll have to wait until they launch!