Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Julep Second Time Around

I just couldn’t help myself, and so I got another Julep Cupid Mystery Box. It was such a great deal the first time around.  The second time around, I was hopeful that I would get some Baublebar jewelry, but no luck. However, I am very happy with my box. And, even better, no duplicate colors. If you want to see my first box you can read HERE.

And now my second 
Julep Cupid Mystery Box

In the second box I got four nail polishes:
  • Aubrey;
  •  Susie;
  • Alfre; and 
  • Jane, (which is not a holographic color. I thought it was at first, but thank you to the helpful people out there who pointed it out to me.)

I also was lucky enough to get a lip gloss in Poppy. And it was not an empty box this time. Julep is a great company, and they will be replacing the lip gloss that was missing in my first box. (hopefully not Poppy). Looking forward to receiving that soon.

Overall , I am always happy with the Julep boxes thus far. The box did not include as many items as other boxes I have seen online, and I did not receive a holographic polish or a "One Free Polish " card, which are supposed to be in every box. I guess Julep just wanted to hear from me again :) Julep cannot get enough of me, hahaha.  Untill next time.

Stay Tickled Pink

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  1. I think I got this same box--check your shipping label and see if it says Cupid's Mystery Box - C. If so, you should have gotten the free polish voucher too. A lot of them have been falling out of the boxes during shipping. :)