Thursday, February 7, 2013

Julep Cupid Mystery Box 
is HERE!

I have browsed around the web and have seen many great mystery boxes from Julep. Some people have gotten $200 plus worth of items in their boxes. I just love Julep, and I love their nail polish and Julep salon (it’s in my backyard, so to speak), so I thought I would treat myself to something extra special this month. (It is my birthday month too, so why not, right? J) A couple days later I received my box great service!

And now for the revealing.


There was no special card or anything like are usually in my Maven boxes, just the items. I have seen other people’s Cupid box, and it contained a cute Happy Valentine’s Day card, but none for me

However, here is my loot:
  • ·     4 awesome nail polishes
  • ·        A gift card for One Free Nail Color; and
  • ·        Lip Gloss, or may I say a lip gloss box. When I opened up the box, it was empty?  No lip gloss. I have contacted Julep though, so hopefully I will, in fact, get their lovely lip gloss.

Overall, I would  it was worth the purchase.  I would for sure get another Mystery box when the time comes around again. I wish I would have gotten the Bauble Bar jewelry though, haha. I love Bauble Bar!!! If you have not gone to the Bauble Bar website, please go.

And.... it is not too late to still pick up one of these Julep Cupid Mystery Box, just click HERE!

For those who have ordered a Julep Cupid Mystery Box, how was it?

Stay Tickled Pink,


  1. I am hoping I do not get that box, I have it all... but the empty box :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was a little disappointed in the empty box. I am hoping that Julep will contact me about the mysterious emptiness :)Haha. Hopefully I will see some boxes soon with Baublebar jewels! Maybe you!

      Thanks for visiting!


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  2. I got this same box. Except the Carrie and Maria didn't come with wrappers on them so no way to know if they are fresh, and I didn't get a coupon or holo. I did get the lip gloss though.

    1. If you didn't get the holo (Evangeline), then you should have gotten a code card. If you didn't get the card, chances are that it fell out of the box. Lots of people have found that to be the issue. I think it's because the box this time around didn't have as many cardboard flaps to tuck in.

      Anyway, if you contact Julep support and let them know that you didn't get a code, they should send you one.